SEAL Team season 5 episode 2 is poised to be a pretty big one


SEAL TeamTomorrow night’s SEAL Team season 5 episode 2 is poised to be a pretty big one for a wide array of reasons.

So, where do we start things off here? Think in terms of where items left off at the end of episode 2. We’re in a situation where Bravo is trapped within North Korea, and it doesn’t feel like they have all that tangible an escape plan. No matter where they turn, there are some pretty big problems. Sonny wants to commence a hike that would get them out of there, but it’s a hike that could also lead to them being exposed in daylight for a substantial period. As you would imagine, that’s going to cause a problem.

The other issue, however, is if their location is found out via interrogation elsewhere. That’s another thing to be concerned about, and the team needs to be a little bit worried about that. What happens in this situation? Can they all handle the pressure? There is an apparent tension between Ray and Sonny, and Jason struggles to keep everyone in check.

Judging that SEAL Team is not ending after tomorrow’s new episode, Bravo almost certainly makes it through this situation still alive. However, that doesn’t mean that they are spared from consequences. We think this episode will essentially set the tone for the remainder of the season, especially in terms of how Bravo continues to operate and whether or not they can still handle the physical and mental tolls of the job. We know that Jason, he’s having several headaches that are causing him to lose focus. Meanwhile, Ray is still tackling some of the PTS he suffered due to his capture last season.

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