‘SEAL Team’ Recap Season 5 Episode 6 – Is Mandy Dead or Alive?


This Sunday, as what is now Paramount+’s SEAL team Ending his three-part SGS/West Africa arc, Jason made a dubious appeal in the name of locating Mandy – but was it too little, too late?

Bravo (plus GB belt Remington) picked up where the military drama’s first exclusive Paramount+ episode ended and found their two vehicles bathed in the fire of a flurry of Molotov cocktails. But instead of trying to flee the vehicles and duck into the alley, Jason ordered everyone to drive forward for a vehicle breach of the target location. Once inside, they climbed the stairs towards Boukare but got into a firefight in the hallway. Thanks to Brock flanking the tangos, Bravo got the upper hand, after which Jason sent Ray and the others down. So he and Clay could grill Boukare and a tango over the location of warlord Aziz Sankara (and thus hopefully Mandy).

‘SEAL Team’ Recap Season 5 Episode 6 – Is Mandy Dead or Alive?Boukare was steadfast, but his accomplice seemed to have information. Then, just as Jason counted down the seconds until one of the men was about to be executed, a grenade landed nearby and was fired. In the commotion, the tango escaped. But as Ray (and in turn we) came to suspect, the grenade came from… Jason, hoping that pings from the squirter’s cell phone would lead them to Sankara and Mandy. (This “rogue game” escalated the tension between out-of-the-loop Ray and Jason, who instead took Clay in the decision.) Dryden told Bravo it was time for them to go home, now that Boukare is in custody. But after Jason urged Davis to pull one of her rabbits out of a hat, she warned everyone about her discovery that one of Sankara’s gold mines was being used by SGS for weapons mounting. As such, Dryden approved of Bravo’s storming of the same (though he suspected they also had a Mandy-related agenda).

When he arrived at the gold mine, Bravo found… a field of charred corpses, including gold-toothed Sankaras. There was also one nearby that was as tall and built as Mandy, Jason sighed. As Bravo continued to blow up the facility, Jason and Ray spotted some gadgets that hadn’t appeared on the radar—and some armed tangos. Jason and Ray dodged fire and the occasional grenade to storm the buildings, knocked down some enemies, and set out in search of Mandy. Each room was empty, but a tango attacked Jason in one of the last rooms, and a struggle ensued. After knocking Jason’s gun away, the tango grabbed the knife from Jason’s sheath and tried to stab him with it, eventually driving it into his side. The same knife was then held to Jason’s throat…until someone got behind the tango and stabbed a knife in his throat. Jason pumped a few bullets into the man for good measure and then realized it was Mandy himself who had helped save the day!

(Here, I raised my hands above my head in the proverbial BarcaLounger and clapped.)

SEAL Team 5x06Back at camp, Mandy explained to a most curious Bravo how ten years ago, while undercover in the region as a French citizen, she had helped Sankara move weapons – and along the way developed a close bond with his younger sister, her asset. So when Mandy learned years later that Sankara was planning to kill his sister if she didn’t marry a foot soldier and swear her loyalty to the cause, she had to step in — if only to “balance the scales.” the possessions she had lost. But since this region is now “too hot,” the CIA disapproved of reactivating her cover and had to turn her down. Once captured, Mandy used what she knew of Sankara’s trade routes to trade for her life, making her more important to Boukare than to him.

Before Bravo’s return, Dryden gave Jason props for Bravo’s successes, including how the destruction of the gold mine/weapons facility had given them a more significant foothold in the region. Clay, Ray, Sonny, and Davis said goodbye to Mandy, who had a long CIA debriefing ahead of him at the camp. That left Jason, who had barely said a word to the former colleague he’d bent so many lines to find. Mandy took into account that, as someone noted earlier, Yes, they are a professional liar, but “I never lied to you.” She promised to let Jason know when she’s back in the States and started walking away when he intervened, “Hey, I got stabbed for you, so none of these text bulls – t. I want a phone call.”


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