Saved By Bell Season 2: Latest Updates, Trailer News, Release Date & More


The Save by the Bell renaissance rekindles the feud between the fude and the fence – and gives some signatures on the early 90s look – in the full-length trailer for Season 2 (airing Wednesday, November 24).

This is the second season that Bayside has competed against Fence (and Miss Trenchpools Academy for Giant Athletic Girls) in the Southern California School Spirit Competition – and it’s not just the current student body.

Saved By Bell Season 2

At 1:25, Kelly (everyone banging on his old cheerleading uniform), Slater (wearing his wrestling uniform), and Jesse (in curls, we see him waving his signature denim shirt and vest combo) stand on the sidelines as Zack runs past them.

In the trailer he sees Jesse going through single life. Complicating matters is the fact that everyone (including math teacher Mr. TV) knows she’s in a messy divorce from Jamie’s father Renee. Meanwhile, Kelly firmly believes that it is fate that Jesse and Slater still keep each other alive.

Saved by Bell Season 2 Trailer

Jesse, on the other hand, has his eye on a Hungry firefighter. (At one point, Dr. Spano stands against a fireplace and gives the first responder bedroom eyes – an explicit endorsement of Elizabeth Berkeley Lauren’s method in the 1995 classic showgirls.)

Instead of appearing on FaceTime, we also see in Season 2 most of the cast of the original series, including Lark Vorheis’ Lisa, along with his fellow bassist alumni gather at The Max to pay tribute to their late friend Screach.

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