Saturday Night Live’s newest cast member is the best Donald Trump impersonator ever


Saturday Night Live’s newest cast member is the best Donald Trump impersonator ever

Saturday Night Live, an entertainment institution in the United States, has a strong track record of finding comedy’s next big thing.

Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and Kristen Wiig all received their big breaks on the show, and went on to be stars on the big screen.

Aristotle Athari (Sara Sherman), James Austin Johnson and James Austin Johnson may not be in that list yet, but they have been officially added to the SNL cast for the new season. Owen Wilson hosts.

Johnson is the most popular of the three new names. Johnson’s impressions of Donald Trump were a big part of the 2020 election campaign, and many of them went viral.

We’ve all seen numerous comedians and actors attempt their own impressions of the notorious former president, with Alec Baldwin being the most notable to date, but let us tell you, Johnson blows Baldwin’s Trump out of the water.

Whereas Baldwin managed to perfect the mannerisms of Trump, you could say that the voice and speaking weren’t always on point. This isn’t the case with Johnson, who has got Trump’s raspy New Yorker scowl and breathing down to a tee as well as the controversial MAGA-leader’s habit of repeating himself during sentences.

However, possibly the best part of Johnson’s take on Trump is that he barely talks about politics at all thus avoiding promoting Trump’s toxic rhetoric.

Johnson makes Trump look more cartoonish than ever by making him go on seemingly interminable rants about pop-culture. Scroll through Johnson’s Instagram page and you’ll see ‘Trump’Weird Al Yankovic is mentioned, as well as hyperpop groups 100 Gecs and Scooby-Doo.

It’s in these videos in which the genius of the impression comes to the fore as we are reminded of just how incoherent and off-tangent Trump’s speech became towards the end of his presidency.

Perhaps Johnson’s best Trump video is a teary-eyed ‘Trump’Cover of 1990s radio-rock classic ‘Closing Time’Semisonic. A fitting end to Trump’s reign.

Speak to Vanity Fair in November, Johnson, who began his stand-up career in Nashville, Tennessee as a teenager, admitted that he got better responses from audiences when he wasn’t “openly racist and homophobic as Trump”Or “repeating what Trump said or heightening it .”

Johnson also observed in the interview that Trump was a rally mode participant. “not written out, and he’s not rehearsed”Add: “I tend to hover around Rally Trump, and there’s absolutely no rehearsal there. I pick a pop-culture topic, usually something that is an actual opinion I actually hold.”

This serves to make Trump more ridiculed. We can laugh at the absurdity of his speech patterns, and marvel at the idea that a former president could have such passionate opinions. Super Mario.

SNL won’t be Johnson’s first time on television. He appeared in March as a full-fledged Trump, which was very disconcerting.

Interview with YouTube music critic Anthony Fantano, Johnson revealed that doing the Trump voice has taken a toll on his own vocal cords so let’s hope he can mix things up in his new gig on SNL. Johnson’s other voices include Joe Biden, so he won’t be short of material.

Johnson’s recruitment to the SNL cast might have come 12 months too late for him as, by now, he’d possibly already be a huge star thanks to his impersonation. SNL will be able to play a major Trump card in the event that Trump announces he is running for president again in 2024.


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