Samantar Season 2: Release Date on MX Player, Cast, Story and Expected Plot

An Indian MX Player online show- Samantar. Satish Rajwade directed series season 1 came out in March 2020. The plot is about a man, Kumar Mahajan, who is an atheist. His life is drastically changed when he starts a journey to find Sudharshan Chakrapani. Both of them share the same fate.

The storyline is whether Mahajan could seek control of the present and future events. With the unique and explicit plot, the show has won several fans over time. Now, the fans are curiously waiting for season 2 of Samatar. This article curate every detail you need to know about season 2.

Samantar Season 2

Samantar season 2: When is the release date?

The season one that came out last year on 13 March 2020 was a nail-biting suspenseful journey for the fans. Since then, the fans are waiting relentlessly for the upcoming season 2. Although the season 2 is due for March 2021. But there haven’t been any official updates on the same yet.

Samantar season 1: Different episodes

Season 1 had, in total, nine episodes. The list of those are underneath:

  1. Identical Stranger
  2. Mishap
  3. Switch
  4. Blue Moon Cottage
  5. The finding
  6. Sudarshan Chakrapani
  7. Past Life Crisis
  8. The Diaries 
  9. Twist

Samantar season 1: Storyline

The life of Kumar Mahajan, who is depressed in life. He is a middle-class man. He isn’t able to meet the demands of his wife or his children. Someone suggests he visit an astrologer. The astrologer reveals to him that his fate is similar to someone else’s fate. Also, that the past of that man will be the future of Kumar. Soon Kumar sets out on a journey to look out for the same man.

Samantar season 2: What plot to expect?

Season 1 left fans biting their nails out of suspense. What will Kumar do next? Also, what will he learn from the book? Will he be able to take charge of all those findings? All this you can expect to seek an answer to in the upcoming season.

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