Sakugan Season 2: Renewal Status, Expected Release Time & More!!


Sakugan Season 2 will be announced shortly by Studio Satelight, who is the creator studio of the series. The Season 1 of the show is currently streaming and its finale episode has been relesed a day back. Here we have every detail about the anime series’s next season.

Sakugan Season 2 release date: Sakugan 2 predictions

About the plot of the series

The plot of the Sakugan revolves around one of the finest assassins known as Muv-Luv or Sakugan in English, the series is loosely based on the Manga series of the same name ‘Sakugan Labyrinth Marker ‘ written by Nekotaro Inui. In an interview with the Anime Trending the director of the show, Junichi Wada said that “The Anime is very loosely based on the character from the novel”

He Explained:

“We wanted this to be as original an anime as we could make, rather than a faithful recreation, Original author Nekotaro Inui] was present when we were first laying out the plot, and we discussed a lot of ideas about how we could make the story even cooler for the screen.

I hope it has that ‘Sakugan feel’ on par with the fantastic original story. … I wanted it to have a contrast between the lightness of the look and the heaviness of the story, and just how cool an old man can be. I worked hard to make this a story that adults could enjoy.”

The Voice Cast of the show


Amane, Kanon has given her voice to Memenpu

Touchi, Hiroki has kend his voie to Gagumber

Toyonaga, Toshiyuki has given his voice to Yuri

Hanazawa, Kana has lend her voice to Zackletu

Midorikawa, Hikaru as RUfus

Watada, Misaki as Muuro

Egawa, Hisao as Walsh

Tsuda, Minami as Lynda

Kamiya, Hiroshi as DJ K

Hosoya, Yoshimasa as Merooro

Renewal Update of Sakugan Season 2

The Season 1 of Sakugan has just finished and the Sakugan Season 2 has not been renewed officially by its makers and the ‘Studio Satelight’, the final episode of season 1 which was titled ‘To Be Continued’ was released just one day ago.

As per the title suggest we may get the next season or Sakugan Season 2 very soon and the makers or Crunchyroll will be announced the whos very soon.

In the same interview, Junichi Wada said on the question of “What fans to expect in the coming future?”

Wade replied that

“The series is very charming and soothing, although the environment of the series is serious and dark we have added lightness to the show, the world of Sakugan is full of characters and robots, so fans will be intimidated and they should keep watching the series.”

It means that the director and the creators have so much content and the Sakugan Season 2 will surely be on Crunchyroll very soon.

When could we get Season 2 of the show?

The first season of the anime has 7.1/10 reviews on IMDb and 6.83/10 of MyAnimeList and with these scores, we don’t think it’s soon to be renewed as the makers and directors have to work on the second season’s plot more passionately to grab the viewers attention in the Season 2.

As season 1 of the show was earlier planned to be released in 2020 then it’s got delayed and released in 2021 so we may expect the Sakugan Season 2 in late 2022.


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