Sadhguru down with Australian Hay Fever. Complete details about this disease

A well-known spiritual guru “Sadhguru” in Melbourne, Australia who is to participate in various events is caught with ‘Australian Hay Fever’.

A video posted from Sadhguru’s official Instagram account reveals that even after being trapped in such a severe situation, he is trying his best to maintain his schedule and has not missed any event. He said that “Fever and Flu never stopped me from doing what I am doing and the same is with Australian hay fever.”


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About Australian Hay Fever

Australian Hay Fever, also known as Allergic Rhinitis, is found to be one of the most common chronic respiratory conditions in Australia and New Zealand and affects about 18% of the entire population of these two countries. The name of this disease can make us think that it results in fever. But, No! The Allergic Rhinitis is not caused by hay and does not result in fever. This disease is mostly triggered by some allergic reaction in the inner linings of the nose. House dust, animal fur, pollens, fungal spores, and air pollutants, are some of the most common factors that lead to an allergic reaction.


Some of the common symptoms of Australian Hay Fever are:

  • -Runny or blocked nose
  • -Sneezing
  • -Watery eyes
  • -Itchy nose
  • -Congested nose
  • -Snoring

Other complications of the Australian Hay Fever may include:

  • -Disturbance in sleep
  • -Fatigue
  • -Headache
  • -Lack of concentration
  • -Asthma
  • -Recurrent sinus infections in adults


The best way to cure this condition is to minimize exposure to allergens. Saltwater nasal sprays or douches can also be effective in providing relief from symptoms. The doctors may provide different prescriptions depending on the situation to treat this fever.

3 thoughts on “Sadhguru down with Australian Hay Fever. Complete details about this disease”

  1. Renowned sages like Vyasa, Patanjali etc have recommended the following that your Spiritual Guru must or must not be. Does Sadhguru fit into recommendations?

    1. Your Spiritual Guru must be Enlightened, well versed in the Spiritual Scriptures of the specific path you have chosen, Selfless, Calm in Temperament, and must not expect anything from you. Additionally, tranquility, maturity & equanimity are also mandated of a Guru

    2. The moment one asks for a fee, monetary donation or monetary reimbursement, he is not worthy of being your Guru

    3. Your Guru must be devoid of any interest in Power, Status, Praise, Money or Assets

    4. Your Guru must be a full- time, serious spiritual practitioner

    5. Your Guru must not be interested in worldly matters.

  2. Hi Mani Sharma,

    We do not have Vyasa / Patanjali and other great sages now.

    We have seen all the Sages within him (Sadhguru) in this modern Era. He is a treasure to this Era that no one cannot deny.

    No one is asking your permissions to conclude on someone.

    If you dont like something/somebody, please refrain from disgrace them and dont waste your time pushing your opinions/conclusions on others.

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