Russian Doll Season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot and Latest updates

The buzz the first season of Russian Doll amassed almost guaranteed for a second season. The second season was always on the cards and the makers were quick to respond to everyone’s anticipation by announcing the second season of Russian Doll. Lyonne and Netflix VP originals Cindy Holland during their joint appearance Tuesday at Recode’s Code Conference in Arizona gave the news for the arrival of the second season.

The makers have already confirmed that they have plans, to sum up, this entire series in 3 seasons, which means that this is the penultimate season.

This season will also contain 8 episodes just like the previous season did.

Success bagged by the season 1

The first season secured an impressive 96 percent rating from the critics and an 87 percent audience score on, these are quite staggering numbers for a show. The first season starts with the setting of 36th birthday eve of Nadia who as a matter of fact is the protagonist of the story. She ultimately dies chasing her missing cat. In the midseason, Nadia meets Alan (Charlie Barnett), who’s trapped in a similar loop. Together, the two of them form a time-bending odd couple trying to get unstuck

Russian Doll Season 2: insights

This show is a Mysterical comedy, this season you can expect a deeper search for truth. Maybe Nadia can help someone else find their way back to self-belief? Maybe in season two, she’ll start having flashforwards instead of time-loops. Expect the unexpected.

Despite being dead in the previous season, it is almost certain that Lyonne will feature in this season, and her role will be a major one.

Russian Doll expected release date

The official release date is yet to come, however, it is anticipated that it will come in 2020, most probably in February.

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