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Rtasks Login: Busy schedules often result in most people omitting or forgetting to do some important tasks. RTasks was designed to solve this problem for residential assistants, home health aides, and other professional support staff. 

Over the years, it has helped support staff, such as senior caregivers, become more productive by assisting them in prioritizing tasks. It also uses push notifications to remind users of pending tasks that should be handled at a particular time. 

So, What Is RTasks?

RTasks is an electronic charting tool tailored to help you get the most out of your schedule. With this tool, you can create daily or weekly to-do lists on the fly using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Of course, the devices have to be connected to a reliable internet connection for the tool to send push notifications and reminders. 

Like other similar organization tools available online, RTasks allows you to mark tasks as complete once you do them. For example, such studies are automatically removed from the “to-do” list and transferred to either the “Done” or “Complete” tab. 

Thus, the tool will help you know all the pending tasks you need to do before the end of the day and plan accordingly. In addition, seeing the list of tasks you have completed will motivate you to work even harder to clear all pending tasks.

One of the highlights of RTasks is that its compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. You can also install it on your MacBook, Windows laptop, netbook, Chromebooks, and more. The tool’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive to help you master how to leverage the different features without needing help from the support team.

Another highlight that makes RTasks special is its compatibility with an array of service programs commonly used to offer residential car services, such as ResiDex. As a caregiver, linking this program to your RTasks account will ensure that you never forget to attend to any of your clients. 

In addition, all documents that you create in RTasks are made available on the ResiDex desktop for future reference. The developers also worked smartly to include medication lists, service histories, service plans, agency policies, and procedures. All this additional information will elevate the quality of your residential care services to the next level. 

Overview of Reasons Why You Should Use RTasks

The large number of caregivers and other personal service providers who use RTasks daily is enough proof that it works. Here are the primary reasons you should consider starting RTasks if you have yet to join the bandwagon.

  • The ability to document incidents in-tool for future references
  • The convenience of linking the tool with the ResiDex desktop program for better creation and management of incident reports. 
  • You can schedule unscheduled appointments for resident groups and individual clients with a few taps on your account interface.
  • Provides a smart, simple, and accurate way of tracking expenses for proper billing and budgeting purposes.
  • RTasks load in seconds, thus saving time that would have ordinarily been spent trying to access the different features or launching them.
  • Compatible with Apple devices, tablets, Android smartphones, and Windows computers.
  • Powerful integration with ResiDex

How to Login to Your RTasks Account

There are four things that you need to log in to your RTasks login account, namely;

  • Your Username and Password
  • An internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • A secure and updated internet browser such as Chrome or Firefox

The next step is now login into the RTasks login charting tool.

  • Visit https://rtasks.net/Users/Login 
  • Input your Username and Password
  • Hit “Sign In” to gain full access to your RTasks login account and saved documents

How to Reset RTasks Password?

We are all human, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for forgetting your RTasks password. You can reset it in three simple steps, namely:

  • Visit the main RTasks website: www.rtasks.net
  • Click on the “Can’t access your account” option located below the blue “Sign In” button
  • Submit your Username in the provided field
  • Click the “Submit” button and follow the instructions that will be displayed to change your password

Remember, the Username has to be correct for this procedure to work. If you cannot remember your Username, please get in touch with the support team for further guidance.


RTasks login is one of the most futuristic charting tools available online today. It’s easy to use, secure, and ideal for both experienced and new caregivers. However, ensure that you keep the login details private to avoid revealing confidential information about your clients to unauthorized persons. 

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