Royal Expert Reveals The Truth About Prince Harry’s Hair


Royal Expert Reveals The Truth About Prince Harry's Hair

Royal hair-related buzz sparked once again in September when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared on the “Time 100” cover. While they both looked beyond amazing, some fans felt that was, in part, due to some overzealous photoshopping, per The Sun. Particularly when it came to giving Harry a lot more hair. In comparison, when the couple appeared in New York just days later, the Daily Mail points out that Harry’s thinning hair was quite obvious.

That’s why celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith talked to the Daily Mail’s “FEMAIL” about what was going on when it comes to Harry’s hair. Confirming that it does look like his hair was digitally altered in the “Time 100” photo, Smith also had a few other thoughts about what’s happening up on top. “In certain lights, he does look as though he is thinning on top, and this most certainly may be the case considering his hair genes,” According to Smith, Harry’s family had the thinning-hair gene. 

Smith continued that, on the other hand, “as a natural redhead, his hair will be far more susceptible to lightening in the sun,” and since Harry now has a “new life on the west coast of the United States, there is no shortage of sunny weather and so the lighter, and therefore thinner appearance of the top of his hair, could be down to the Californian sun lightening the top of his hair more than we are used to seeing.”


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