Roller Champions Release Date Officially Revealed


Like a sports team coming from nowhere to bust a bracket, Ubisoft has announced that its fast-paced sports mash-up Roller Champions will launch out of beta and into everyone’s hands starting on May 25. In just one week, players on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 can download the title and play it for free. It even supports cross-progression and cross-play (except for custom matches) for anyone juggling multiple pieces of hardware.

Roller Champions, with its unique mash-up of sports, appears to be Ubisoft’s attempt to capture some of the energy surrounding Rocket League. Instead of superpowered battle cars, players take control of skaters and score points by completing laps and landing balls in hoops around the arena. One part roller derby and one part jai alai, the game also sports the modern-day vibes seen in previous Ubisoft sports game Riders Republic.

Of course, since Roller Champions is a free-to-play game in 2022, there are plenty of premium cosmetic options. There’s an in-game store and a seasonal “roller pass” full of items that will be spread across a free and premium tier. The first season of cosmetics (that will be exclusive to said season) will also be one month long. Users can also invite their friends to play the game and both will get rewards for doing jumping in. And while it is hitting PS4, Xbox One, and PC first, the title will also be making its way to Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and mobile platforms sometime in the future.

The debut of Roller Champions may have flown under the radar for some, but it is confirming a previously leaked release date for the sports game that’s been a long time coming after its reveal at E3 2019. It had previously missed its last release window in the early months of 2022, but May and June look to be relatively free of heavy hitters, so Ubisoft’s newest could find a sizable audience if its sports action can deliver on its action-packed promise.


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