Rohini Noni from Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reveals the blemish of co-contestants Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar

According to the experts, Baba Bhaskar and Sreemukhi are the strongest contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu’s third season. Nevertheless, different people have different perspectives, and the same goes for Rohini Noni. Rohini Noni deeply desires that Baba Bhaskar should win the third season. However, she revealed another point of view about him and Sreemukhi.

It is evident that Bhaskar is already in the top-2 spot of Bigg Boss Telugu, but Rohini has criticized a few things about Bhaskar. In addition to this, Rohini also thinks that Sreemukhi is extremely calculative when she needs to protect her interest.

Rohini recently had an interview with a media outlet

The fun-loving and ultra-friendly actress did discuss her journey in the house of Bigg Boss with During the interview, Rohini unfolded a few things about both Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar.

During this interview, Rohini revealed that she fully supports Baba Bhaskar and wants him to win. According to Rohini, everyone in the Bigg Boss house believes that Baba Bhaskar is the best contestant. Bhaskar is exceptionally calm, positive, composed, and a fun-loving person. The only flaw that Bhaskar has that he is not a great performer when it comes to tasks. On the other hand, if a fellow contestant tries to explain the tasks’ rules, he gets offended. 


What does Rohini feel about other contestants like Sreemukhi?

Rohini quickly pointed out other contestants such as Mahesh, Himaja, and Sreemukhi and said they do not deserve to win. Sreemukhi is well-versed with the happenings of previous seasons of Bigg Boss along with the Bigg Boss of other languages. Moreover, Sreemukhi tends to over-analyze things, and she plays a very calculative game.

On the other hand, Mahesh and Himaja seem very fake, and they are putting on facades to win the games. Rohini was asked what she thinks of Tamanna, to which she said Tamanna is a nice lady. Still, sometimes she becomes very fickle-minded and begins to make provocative comments on other contestants.

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