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Rodney Marsh brands football fans “nutcases” and warns of “tragedy” if alcohol ban lifted

Former England and Manchester City striker Rodney Marsh has called football fans “nutcases” and “lunatics” as he protested the football alcohol ban being overturned.

It was revealed recently that Traceycrouch, MP, is pushing for a reform that would allow football fans to enjoy alcohol in the stadiums during matches.

Many supporters have welcomed the idea of a pilot program in the near future. They’ve been prohibited from doing this for 36 years.

But QPR club legend Marsh, who also said he had never attended a game sober, believes alcohol should not be served during games because it will cause a “tragedy”.

Former QPR player Rodney Marsh answers questions at a fan forum
Sky Bet Championship 2013/14, QPR Fans Forum, Loftus Road
Rodney Marsh has spoken out against the plans to re-introduce drinking alcohol in football stadium stands

When asked why the proposals were a bad idea on his SiriusXM radio show, the 78-year-old said: “Because football fans are nutcases. Football fans are lunatics.

“You take six thousand people in an area with no seating just bumping up against each other drinking while they are standing, you will have enormous problems and you will have a tragedy, I am telling you that.

“No it is not [safe]. Next thing the beer gets spilt onto somebody and oh dear oh dear.”

What are your thoughts on the alcohol ban We’d love to hear your views in the comments.

Sports Minister Tracey Crouch MP plays table tennis during her visit to the Sport England 'Fit for Fun' project at the University of East Anglia on May 28, 2015 in Norwich, England
MP Tracey Crouch completed an independent review on the subject

Rodney Marsh brands football fans "nutcases" and warns of "tragedy" if alcohol ban lifted

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Marsh had a heated argument with Tom Rennie, his co-host.

The famous pundit claimed a football crowd ‘are not the same people’ who go to different sporting events in England

Rugby fans, for example, are allowed to take drinks up to their seats in English stadiums and consume them while the action is ongoing.

On that point, Marsh said: “Prince Harry goes to rugby.”

England supporters carry pints of beer as they arrive at Wembley Stadium in west London on June 22, 2021, to watch the UEFA EURO 2020 football match between England and Czech Republic
At present football fans are limited to drinking alcohol when not in the stands

He feels that there are already troublesome fans at virtually all football grounds up and down the country, without the added alcohol involved.

Marsh did identify one group of people he thinks aren’t troublesome, however.

“In the last 30 years the only ground I have been to live, and I’ve been to most grounds, where there is no trouble is Fulham – not pushing, shoving, screaming or shouting or getting naughty,” He said.

Rodney Marsh brands football fans "nutcases" and warns of "tragedy" if alcohol ban lifted
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