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2.0 China Day 6 Collection , 2.0 6th Day China Box Office | Massive Drop In Collections

The fans of Robo 2.0 in India are already aware of the fact that the movie is turning into a complete disaster in the Chinese market. The worst part is that the experts can not tell the disastrous response of India as the film experts in India and unaware of the theatrical film valuation in the Chinese market.

The only thing that the experts know is that the film didn’t collect the expected amount in the Chinese market. On the first day, the Superstar Rajnikanth Sir’s movie did receive more than 1.4 million dollars. With a positive response, it was expected that the film would rule in terms of the box office collection. However, things went berserk in box-office for Robo 2.0.

Robo 2.0 China Day 6 Collection

2.0 6th Day China Box Office

6th Day Box-Office collection of Robo 2.0 in China

Gross Collection 1st Day in China: ₹ 9.59 Crores INR (1.37 M USD)
Gross Collection 2nd Day in China: ₹. 5.18 Crores INR (0.74 M USD
Gross Collection 3rd Day in China: ₹ 2.94 Crores INR ($ 0.42 M USD)
Gross Collection 4th Day in China: ₹ 1.40 Crores INR (0.20 M USD)
Gross Collection 5th Day in China: ₹ 1.26 Crores INR (0.18 M USD)
Gross Collection 6th Day in China: ₹ 0.46 Crores INR (0.07 M USD)

In six days Robo 2.0 has grossed around ₹ 20.86 Cr INR (2.98 M USD)

People do not have to critics to understand that the popularity of Robo 2.0 has been decreasing significantly over time. Moreover, these drops are incredibly drastic.

The film is currently in the sixth day and if the dropping continues then it will be tough for the movie to collect massive gross collection. Stay tuned, to find out more updates of the Robo 2.0’s business in China.

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