Robert Durst Real Estate Heir Dies in Prison at 78 Cause Of Death


Recently, a piece of quite shocking news was reported from LA (Los Angeles) as Robert Durst, a wealthy New York real-estate heir is no longer among his close ones as he took his last breath at the age of 78. He was a failed criminal who had been dogged for the decades with the suspicion in the disappearance and departures of those around him before he was condemned of slaughtering his childhood friend and sentenced to an imprisoned lifetime. Since the concerned department issued the genuine reports, his close ones started paying tribute to him through social networking sites.

Robert Durst

Reportedly, he enjoyed the last moments of his life on 10th January 2022 at the nearest hospital of the prison; later, an announcement was made from his attorney’s side, where he unleashed the exact cause behind his passing. He was not suffering from any lethal health complications, and therefore, he passed away due to natural causes. Because as his age was increasing, his health was getting changed due to seasonal reasons, which were also fatal for him somewhere because his health had deteriorated enough due to ups and downs, which affected him a lot from inside.

Robert Durst Death Cause

The concerned department is saying that they detained him in September due to the slaughtering of Susan Berman and sent him into custody. Later, he was sentenced to life imprisonment through the court, but two days ahead, he was infected by a novel virus and admitted to the hospital. This is what is unleashed by his attorney DeGuerin, by whom his demise has also been confirmed, and if seen, all his cases were in the hands of him, as the attorney was permanently attached to him. Therefore, almost all reports linking to the departed have been announced by all attorneys.

According to his prior records, he was also a suspected defaulter of killing his wife Kathie, who disappeared in 1982 and was later announced dead legally. Similarly, multiple cases were related to him, which also caught fire from time to time, and the police also took action; this is why his criminal record is quite long. So here we have conferred such details that have been arrived or fetched from the other sources, therefore, yet a few pieces of vital details yet to be unleashed like his funeral details and more parts of personal stuff. 


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