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The third season of Riverdale has left people with quite a hectic and bizarre scenario. Now, the longtime fans of the show are seeking answers for the mysteries of the third season in the on-going fourth season.

Before the airing of the fourth season, there has been a lot of ups and downs in the storyline; nevertheless, Riverdale is the most popular teenage drama in the world as of now. Moreover, the fan base of Archie comics did help Riverdale to become extremely popular in the last three years. The inescapable truth is that the fourth season of Riverdale isn’t available on Netflix as of now.

Riverdale Season 4

The show is finally back from the inevitable midseason break on January 22, 2020. There are around 13 more episodes left before the fourth season concludes. People in the US and across the world watch Riverdale either on Netflix or on the official broadcasting channel The CW Network. For the people who are waiting to binge-watch the series on Netflix are going to have to wait for a couple of months now.

There are several shows of The CW Network that heads to Netflix after they have aired completely on the official broadcasting channel. In addition to this, The CW is yet to reveal the official finale date of the fourth season.

Nevertheless, the experts who have tuned with the show across the world already know when the fourth season will premiere on Netflix in 2020. As far as the assumptions are considered, Riverdale Season Four will premiere on Netflix on May 13 or May 20. Also, there is a highly likely chance that Netflix might make the season available on its ecosystem on the 21st of May 2020 or the 28th of May 2020.

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