Risk of Rain 2: Ways to Unlock Huntress

Risk of Rain 2 is a notable third-person video game which is the continuation of Risk of Rain, the first instalment of the franchise. The second game in the series, Risk of Rain 2, a roguelike game has come into being from the mind of Hopoo Games and it also follows an approach which is quite familiar to the first title.

The game of Risk of Rain 2 is about one-four players who have to progress at distinctive levels to kill and defeat enemies. There is one great thing about the game which is also a turn-off for the gamers that the characters are all locked out. However, these characters would be unlocked via achievements and secret entrances at different levels.

Risk of Rain 2: Ways to Unlock Huntress

Who is the Huntress?

Huntress is an agile fighter who has a secret power, Blink which is teleportation ability.

By the looks of it, Huntress is also one among the most playable characters in the sequel of Risk of Rain. In addition to this, the Huntress is also the first character in Risk of Rain who can be unlocked.

Moreover, it is easy to unlock the huntress in the game!

Ways to unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2?

  • The first and foremost step to unlock huntress is that players have to unlock the achievement namely, “Warrior.”
  • For unlocking the warrior achievement, the players have to reach and unlock the game’s third teleporter without having to die. Additionally, this is going to prove out to be a great challenge for the inexperience players. The players should also consider scavenging numerous items in order to increase their chance at being successful.

Following these steps would unlock the character and games can select huntress to play the rest of the game.

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