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Richard Madeley’s most jaw-dropping remarks from Judy’s thrush to putting balls in ice

He’s the foot-in-mouth TV presenter who has been dubbed the “real-life Alan Partridge” – and now Richard Madeley has blundered again by describing Africa as a country rather than a continent.

The 65-year old was acting as host on Good Morning Britain, and made the gaffe while talking to Gordon Brown about Covid vaccination distribution.

Daily star reveals it’s not the first cringe-worthy quote from the star that has left viewers comparing him to Steve Coogan’s comedy character

On sex with wife Judy Finnigan: “When me and Judy were trying to conceive, I used to douse my balls in icy water before intercourse. Then Judy got pregnant again, it was an accident. Sorry Chloe, but you were. And you know it.

Remember when you had thrush Judy? You had a terrible time of it.”

Richard Madeley
Richard Madeley has been dubbed the “real-life Alan Partridge” after a string of gaffes on Good Morning Britain

Interviewing actress Keira Knightley: “Can we get some make up please? Get Keira looking like a crack whore… she’d make a good crack whore!”

To a man crying after meeting paramedics who saved his life: “Stop crying! This is supposed to make you happy! Anyway after the break, the biggest dog in the UK.”

To a guest with a stammer: “You looked as if your head was going to come off.”

To singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor: “Where did you get your face?” “What price do you put on your pet’s care? Is there a point where you just say: ‘Too expensive, the dog has to die?’ So you are telling me elephants are not born evil?”

Richard and Judy
Richard once opened up about Judy’s thrush

To Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten: “If we could throw a fishing rod into the corridors of time and reel you in, you’d throttle you, wouldn’t you?”

To ex-President Bill Clinton, who had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky: “I was in a similar position. I was accused of shoplifting. Unlike you, I knew I was innocent.”

To a cameraman: “You are not filming me urinating. You can listen.”

Richard Madeley
The TV star says he used to dunk balls in icy water before intercourse

“Remember that soup I made last week? Absolutely horrible. Had to throw it in the garden!”

To gay Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant: “How’s your wife?”

To Faye from Steps and singer Russell Watson: “I always thought both of your music was a bit crap, but this is quite good.”

On TV’s Katie Price: “I’ve never met a single woman who’s happy with the way she looks, except Jordan, although I’ve never met her.”

To an actor playing a bisexual: ‘Would you prefer to have sex with me or Judy?’

To dwarves: “Do you find that people patronise you? That means they talk down to you?”

To cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry: “You’re just humming with sexual energy. Is it the fabric?”

To a novelist: ‘If you were going to write an autobiography, who would it be about?’

Oh, and don’t forget when he made the nation wince dressed up as Ali G!

Richard Madeley's most jaw-dropping remarks from Judy's thrush to putting balls in ice
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