Ricardo Bofill Spanish Postmodernist Architect Passes Away At 82: Cause Of Death?


People are again facing the sad news that no one had even presumed that something like this could happen in this way, as the famous Spanish Postmodernist architect, Ricardo Bofill, is no longer among his admirers as his departure occurred 82, on Friday, 14th January 2022. As the news arrives in front of the people, their reaction is coming out because everyone is sorry for his departure from the world. Therefore almost everyone is praying for his soul to rest in peace as no one will be happy with the demise of a big personality like this.

Ricardo Bofill death

As per the reports or sources, Spanish Architect Ricardo Bofill designer of dystopian monumental structures, took place in Madrid on 14th January 2022. For around six decades, he has worked phenomenally in the field he was master, and this is why his departure made everyone shocked enough, including his close ones and those who worked with him under his surveillance of him. Therefore, since the news took place among them, their immense reaction came, as they are unleashing their deep feelings for him through social media while sending their condolences to the family in this challenging time.

Who Was Ricardo Bofill?

82-years-old, Ricardo Bofill aka Ricardo Bofill Levo, was a Spanish architect and well known for his art to design monuments as he has done as well during his career. He was born on 5th December 1939 in Barcelona, Spain and his sudden passing took place on 14th January 2022 at the same home. He married Serena Vergano, and later, both decided to be separated as they were having issues during their wedding. When it comes to his projects, which gave him popularity, these are La Fabrica, Barcelona Airport, Mohammad Vl polytechnic University, Walden 7, W Barcelona Hotel, and many more.

Social media, especially Twitter, has been poured by the heartfelt messages shared by the other users and their close ones. Even almost everyone is paying tribute to him while giving their deepest condolence to his family, as they are going through a great sorrow now of losing their close ones or the integral part of their family. The news also affected those who considered him their idol. He was a very prestigious personality in the world of Architect, so we will update you when the details of his funeral spots.


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