RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Reveals What Really Happened During The ‘Your Husband’s In The Pool’ Incident


RHONJ's Margaret Josephs Reveals What Really Happened During The 'Your Husband's In The Pool' Incident

The pool incident took place in Season 9, and at the time, Margaret Josephs’ relationship with Danielle Staub had been tenuous for years. It could be described as a waiting cocktail glass. It was inevitable that it would escalate, it was just a matter when. Josephs didn’t know that this day would come. It was slow building, she told Nicki Swift. She was already arguing with Danielle Staub’s husband du jour, Marty Caffrey, who had been “making up stories” and saying “hostile,” “rude things” to her and husband, Joe Benigno. She made Benigno promise not to resort to violence, but from her perspective, the pool was “hijinks,” the kind of thing that happens at a kid’s birthday party. This was a very low stakes situation considering that her castmates had actively threatened each others with broken glass.

“I was like, ‘You know what? This guy’s an assh**e. … He really annoys me, he’s definitely going in the pool,'” She tells Nicki Swift that she tried pushing him but his leg stuck on the step. After Begnino came for the final blow, Josephs’ internal monologue chimed, “Oh, he’s so deserving.”

“His phone was on him, his watch, everything,” she says. “And I was like, ‘That’s what he gets.’ Oh, it just felt so good. It was just like the icing on the cake to just stick it to them, but I happened to like Marty after he got rid of Danielle.”


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