Review On Amazon Prime Video’s Most Phenomenal Sci-Fi Series – Orphan Black


Looking for something that can hold your attention for at least five seasons in a row? Black orphan is a winner without questions.

The Canadian Pearl is the kind of sci-fi series that combines big ideas with beautiful, charming characters and a tight, fast-paced plot. It also stars Tatiana Maslany in the lead role. Her sympathy levels are off the charts. (Let’s hope they stay that way now that she’s recruited for a Marvel TV show.)

You can watch Orphan Black in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video. Excluding the audiobook sequel, Maslany sees a total of 14 characters playing, including a talking scorpion. It’s a hallucination, to make this show sound a little less weird.

A brief overview: Orphan Black follows Sarah Manning, a con artist who witnesses a woman who jumps to her death in front of a train. The Twist: This Woman Doesn’t Just Look Like Sarah, She Could Be Her twin. Only instead of a Clash T-shirt and jeans she wears a business pencil dress. Maslany plays both roles — a hint at what’s going on.

Orphan Black

What follows is a multi-layered mystery involving evil biotechnology institutions, religious extremists, and a suburban soccer mom. An uptight, terrifying suburban soccer mom.

Okay, Orphan Black is weird. But it’s also beautiful TV.

You may have come across it while you were stuck in the endless scrolling. You may have thought, “This sounds like a military operation… or a paint sample.” But thankfully, Orphan Black is one of the best sci-fi series out there.

It not only examines nature vs. nurture debate, it examines the nature vs. nurture debate with an easily accessible comedy-thriller tone. The suspense-charged writing, polished visuals and memorable supporting cast arrived in a fully formed package when the show premiered on BBC America in 2013.

Four more wonderful seasons followed. While the best moments are preloaded in Seasons 1 and 2, the entire five-season series continues to enrich the worlds of scientists, police detectives, and secret military agents. It takes surprising left turns until the satisfying end.

Then there’s the killer soundtrack, perfectly timed I Got You Babe about a hit man who smiles back at Sarah and plots her murder. Throughout the series comes an effortlessly cool parade of The Clash, New Order and local Canadian bands vibrating from their garages in the Toronto area.

But aside from the production, the performances, the cool science, Orphan Black’s biggest success is the characters.

They live full, distinguished lives and you can’t help but care about them madly. Take the sugar-obsessed Ukrainian killer Helena, who literally lives in a cage. Don’t let her insane attempts to stab Sarah obscure her heart of gold, earning her the title of Most Loveable Killer years before Villanelle starred in Killing Eve.

Orphan Black is a dark, intelligent thriller that explores big concepts and makes jokes. Orphan Black is a must-see sci-fi gem. It ensured Maslany received well-deserved recognition as she performed tirelessly throughout the five seasons, her co-stars gushing about her work ethic and sunny demeanor. After being rejected for an Emmy several times, in 2016 Maslany finally wrapped her fingers around an award for Best Leading Actor.

In 2022, her career will reach even greater heights. Marvel Studios scored her services for a new superhero TV show, in which she will play the Hulk’s cousin, She-Hulk.

This is another reason to watch Orphan Black. Check it out to understand why one of the biggest studios in the world cast Maslany in the first place.


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