Rent a Car to Travel with Safety and Ease in Mumbai


The city of Mumbai brings to mind many fascinating images and vibes that pull people from across the country. However, the place also has furious energy, which can be seen in the form of its super-fast pace of life, traffic jams and excessive downpour. 

Whether you live in Mumbai or are travelling to the city for some crucial reason, you might be concerned about figuring out a safe and secure way for moving around, given the current pandemic scenario. Be it commuting for office work, visiting the hospital, meeting your parents or simply to get some important household essentials; you need to follow social distancing by using a means of personal mobility. In case, you do not own a personal vehicle, then consider renting a car, so that you can travel with a sense of safety and self-reliance. You can even avail of outstation cars in Mumbai to commute out of the city easily. 

If you are wondering how a rental car offers you safety and ease, then let us help you understand:

What Makes a Rental Car Safe?

Enables Social Distancing

Private travelling is the only way to follow social distancing properly amidst these risky times. While autos, taxis and buses maybe plying in the city after Unlock 2.0, but they are not a safe option at all. In the absence of a private car, it is best to hire outstation cabs in Mumbai that allow you to travel privately with your family both within and outside the city. It will eliminate the risk of virus transmission as there will be no interaction with other people on the way. 

Offers Self-Drive Benefit

Mumbai, being a metropolitan abounds with driver ridden taxis and cabs. However, they are known for charging high fares from passengers. Also, a lot of times, drivers, in general, either drive rashly or misbehave. But what is most noteworthy right now is that amidst these critical times, riding with a driver would mean exposing your loved ones and yourself to risk.  On the other hand, some outstation car rentals in Mumbai such as Zoomcar offer self-drive cars, that enable you to travel all by yourself. It means you will not come in contact with any stranger while commuting for both long and short distances. What’s more? They also thoroughly sanitize all the cars before delivering it to you for use. 

How Does it Offer You Self-Reliance?

Ease of Access

When you car hire in Mumbai for outstation, it is delivered right outside your home within 30 minutes of your booking, and you’re good to go. Whether you need a means of transportation to commute to the office, or for emergency purposes, you can rely on a rental car, which will enable you to move around with a sense of confidence, without depending on any other person. Most of all, it will offer you peace of mind as it ensures your safety all along. 

Range of Rental Packages

Car rental companies, nowadays, offer a wide range of affordable packages to enable people with different travel plans to avail the benefits of rental cars.  Whether you are looking for outstation cars in Mumbai or that for in-city trips, you can rent a car as per your needs. You may also hire the rental car for varied durations, ranging from that on an hourly basis to an extended period such as a week or a month. Also, rental packages as offered by some reliable rental companies like Zoomcar are free from maintenance and insurance expenses, which will be additional expenses if you choose to purchase a car. 

Choose Most Suitable Vehicle 

Companies that provide car rental for outstation in Mumbai and that for other kinds of travel plans provide you with the option to choose from a wide range of cars. From hatchbacks to sedans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles, you can book the car as per your family size, budget, and travel plan. If you need to travel with your loved ones, book an SUV and if you want a means for regular office commutes, book a hatchback, all at affordable prices. 

Book a Rental Car to Travel Safely

If you need to move out for work or anything unavoidable during these uncertain times, avoid using means of public transport such as Mumbai’s famous local trains or the taxis. They will increase your risk of contracting the virus. The best way to travel safely would be to book in-city or outstation cars in Mumbai that allow you to practice as much caution as possible. Follow all other precautionary measures and move through this city of dreams on your terms, while keeping your safety in check at all times! 


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