Reliance Jio Introduces Jio Cloud Integration On MyJio App

The famous Reliance Jio app introduced Jio cloud integration. The more user-friendly cloud access for storing their pictures, documents, and video content directly using through Myjio App.

Myjio Storage Facility

While in terms of total storage facility given 5 GB of free storage on Jio cloud for all users through the Myjio app. The app successfully updated for both versions like Android and iOS devices brings more flexibility to all customers. Initially, anyone granted with 5GB of a free online storage facility, which would be upgraded with 15GB in case you have a referral code, the facility will be extended up to 50GB for referring other users.

All Jio users can also manage the settings for operating in a better way for storing any data or change a backup file, network preference given detail on Myjio app. The app shows storage level availability every time on the cloud for managing better database management.

Reliance Jio Introduces Jio Cloud Integration On MyJio App

MyJio App

Android users can install the updated Myjio app version 5.0.27 through Google Play Store, while iOS users need to visit the App Store to download its latest version 5.0.11. The app is more user-friendly with at least minimum Android 4.44 version or iOS 9.0 version.

Digital Recharge On Jio Saarthi Digital Assistant

Reliance Jio also introduced a Jio Saarthi digital assistant for recharging amount through a digital assistant, and this digital assistant provides step by step guidance to users in English and Hindi both languages. They are planning to enlarge 12 regional languages for delivering better service and quality.

So many new features introduced with new updated Myjio app, users can change Jio Tunes through which customers can change caller tunes or update the existing one. Myjio app fixe bugs from time to time for providing better service and improving the performance. Besides, the Jio app is also providing a storage facility on the web, and the organization is offering free storage facility to all users.

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