Red, orange and green zones list of AP, only one district of AP in green zone

3rd May is the last day of lockdown 2.0. Yet there are many positive COVD-19 cases in India. To sustain the economy of India and to give relief to its people the government of India has divided places according to three categories. The districts have been remarked for dividing into categories. Three zones have been introduced according to the central government earlier. The district having COVID active cases is under the red zone, Where there are chances of COVID cases and people have survived from COVID-19 is in Orange zone. Where there is no chance of coronavirus transmission is in the green zone.

Red, orange and green zones list of AP, only one district of AP in green zone

Now the has extended for 2 weeks more. It will be continued till 17th May. The relief on the pressure of lockdown has allowances according to the zones. People under the red zone have to follow all the strict rules of lockdown. However, people coming under the orange zone and green zone have given consideration respectively.

Red, orange and green zones list of AP

Till now considering the number of COVID +ve cases, Andhra Pradesh has five Red Zone districts, seven Orange Zone districts and one Green Zone district.

Below you can see the list of AP districts and their respective zone:

District Zone
Kurnool Red Zone
Guntur Red Zone
Krishna Red Zone
Chittoor Red Zone
Spur Nellore Red Zone
West Godavari Orange Zone
Y.S.R. Orange Zone
Anantapur Orange Zone
Prakasam Orange Zone
East Godavari Orange Zone
Srikakulam Orange Zone
Visakhapatanam Orange Zone
Vizianagaram Green Zone


People living in Vizianagaram can take relief from the lockdown however they have to be aware of the disease and the government can allowance its red zone or orange zone as per the situation.

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