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Rameshan Oru Peralla is a movie based on the lifestyle of a sincere Online Taxi Driver. This movie could be the first film with the online cab industry as a backdrop. The subject discussed in this movie is the tiring process in law and order. How much of a person’s lifetime is consumed by the cumbersome process of the Court just to prove he is not a criminal. This triggered the movie’s plot.

The name ‘Rameshan Oru Peralla’ means ‘Rameshan is not just a name’. Which seems so show the beholder of that name is not just an innocent person but capable of something. You have to watch the movie to find out what.

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Absence of written script or conversation while producing the movie is the main specialty. They solely depended upon scene order for guidance and allowed the actors to improvise dialogues. This did contribute to the realistic feel of the scenes. This realism can help in easy communication with the audience.

Director Sujith Vigneshwar is happy that his first movie is releasing tomorrow. He admits to a prominent news source that he suffered a lot to make the movie reach up to the theatres. After watching the preview show many gave positive reviews. But the same people doubted that, will anybody come to watch a movie which has no prominent actors. Yet he shows truest in Malayali audience. “Mallus (Keralites) had accepted many movies such as ‘Sudani from Nigeria’ which had no famed actors, wholeheartedly.” said the Director.

Manikandan Pattambi is the lead role as the taxi driver. He is famous for giving life to Sathyaseelan in ‘Marimayam’ a Malayalam Sitcom Series. “I don’t think anyone will come to the theatre seeing me. But, if the movie is great, they (audience) will make it a success” said Manikantan with pure confidence.

From this film Director, Sujith bagged “Best Debut Director” award by Canada Film Festival.
Film will be starring Manikandan Pattambi, Rajesh Sharma, Divya Darshan, and Krishna Kumar among others.

Review Of Rameshan Oru Peralla

Will be updated once the movie is released.

My Rating: Movie yet to be released.

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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