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Queer Eye Season 6: Here’s The Latest Updates With Plot & Cast Details

Queer Eye (Season 6) is right around the corner! After a successful five seasons, the hit Netflix reality show is returning for a sixth season. The show has been a huge success for the platform so far. hence, we can look forward to another great upcoming season.

The series follows five gay men who are professionals in various fields such as makeup, food etc. They travel around the world and give makeovers to those who might need them. Therefore it is a show with a very positive message. Fans can expect a lot of good vibes this season as well. Read on to find what we know so far!

Queer Eye (Season 6): Plot and Cast

Queer Eye is a reboot of the original titled Queer Eye for The Straight Guy from 2003. It is a reality show and hence does not have a plot as such. We find out more as the episodes unfold. However, the basic premise of the show always remains the same: it’s the Fab Five to the rescue. They are a five-member team of professionals in the fields of food, fashion, lifestyle, design and grooming. With their skills and expertise, they provide life-changing makeovers to people who need a little something to get back up on their feet. Thus, it is a very wholesome show.

Queer Eye Season 6

As for the cast, it mainly comprises the members of the Fab Five all appearing as themselves. While Anthony Porowski is the food and wine expert, Karamo Brown specializes in lifestyle and culture. Tan Franceis the fashion kind and Bobby Berk is well versed in all things design. Lastly, we have the pro groomer, Jonathan Van Ness. The rest of the cast differs in each episode as they help different people out.

Queer Eye (Season 6): Release Date and Trailer:

Queer Eye (Season 6) will premiere on Netflix on December 31. An official trailer has not yet been released but you can watch the date announcement clip here:


Queer Eye Season 6: Here's The Latest Updates With Plot & Cast Details
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