Queer Eye Germany: Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer


Queer Eye Germany’ is an upcoming Netflix reality series. Here, five experts help improve the lives of people by changing seemingly small things in life. In partnership with ITV Germany, Queer Five Germany will see the show’s experts work with members of the public to help turn their life around. Moreover, the original Queer Eye was a stealth mission into the daunting world of heterosexuality. They taught men how to cook, moisturize, actually clean their bedrooms, and coordinate shoes with their belts.

Queer Eye Germany: Cast and Plot!

While the first Queer Eye explored masculinity at a time when “metrosexual” had to be a thing, and Queer Eye took on a MAGA-divided America, Queer Eye Germany will be set in a European nation that has embraced progressive reforms for LGBT+ rights.

Queer Eye Germany: Cast and Plot!

The first international spin-off from its reality series following a group of makeover experts; the ‘Fab 5’ – who team to turn the life around of a nominated individual.
The German Fab 5 are as follows: Work/life coach Leni Bolt, fashion virtuoso Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke, master of beauty-David Jakobs, expert nutritionist and health expert Aljosha Muttardi and design ace Ayan Yuruk.
For the experts, it’s not just a makeover show. The makeovers help people to see the lives around them through a fresh pair of lenses.
The Fab Five visit one person at a time and help them improve, transform their fashion, look, health, design, and life. These small changes add up to make a bigger difference and bring rainbows to their lives.

Queer Eye Germany: Trailer and Release date!

Netflix has released the trailer of the Show. From a look at the trailer, the connoisseurs are facing folks who cut their own hair and have distanced themselves from a past they cannot face.
Check it out here:

Queer Eye Germany’s season 1 is coming from March 1 on Netflix.


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