PUBG PC Season 4 is live now, with Erangel updates and a new pass

The gamers from around the world have erupted in huge numbers to show their interest in the new sensation of the gaming world. Even the developers were not anticipating such response from the side of the players.

Players Ultimate Battle ground is one of its kind. It came up with a unique concept of pooling players from all over the world and making the contest for the title. Players Ultimate Battleground is rejuvenated will the launch of the Season 4 for PC. Users can now take the flavor of the latest season by downloading it.

Once the update is complete PC players will notice the striking new look to PUBG’s first and most iconic map, Erangel. The classic map is going to feature brand new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain, and some changed areas within the map.


Erangel map

It is probably the most scintillating offerings of the latest season. Erangel map is the oldest map of PUBG, it is not a new introduction. The newer version of Erangel map is revamped completely when compared to the last time we saw it in action. The veteran players of PUBG must be familiar to it if they are following the game since it’s beginning days.

New-season pass, Aftermath

It will take you back in the days when the Erangel map was in action, it will bring skins and items from Erangel’s history, an improvement in the balancing of the different guns can be witnessed. A more enhanced user interface is on the cards.

There is plenty more to come towards the users throughout the season as players can look forward to additional updates, refinements to the ledge grab mechanic and a new Survival Mastery progression system are amongst the changes that are expected to feature soon.

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