PUBG Mobile Season 13: Release Date, When? Leaks and What Can We Expect From It

PUBG Mobile

Pubg has been one of the most popular games played worldwide. Within no time, the game became trending. As of now, there are more than 100M+ downloads. 

Updates of Pubg

In PUBG, players are spawny to an island, with 99 players entering along with them. Players have to make their way to the end and survive all the enemies. The player surviving till the end holds chicken dinner. With every update of PUBG, players get to see some new releases. In previous updates, there were many features and game modes added to the game which include, winter map, zombie mode, team deathmatch, arena training, night maps, Sanhok map which is based on rainforests, and many more.

PUBG Mobile Season 13: Release Date, When? Leaks and What Can We Expect From It

Season 13

PUBG has announced its new season 13 which is to be released on May 12. Players are quite anxious to know what they will see in the new update. You will see Vikendi 2.0 map in the new update. Also, the update will feature new LEGO-themed guns. The new update will bring some new titles to the list. You are most likely to see new skins for the guns. Talking about the parachutes, the game will feature season 13 themed parachute. 


There is more you will see in the latest update. Updates mentioned in this article are based on the press release by PUBG. The update will start rolling to all the devices by 12 May. We hope to see some more updates from the PUBG developers very soon, till then stay connected.



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