PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India, for phones with Ram less than 2GB

PUBG has maintained a huge lead over its counterparts, no other game is anywhere near to its fan following. In fact, I just finished a game of it an hour ago.

The only problem due to which it was facing some difficulties was its huge Ram consumption, most of the phones having a Ram lower than 4GB were unable to process it. But the app developers were quick to address this problem, they knew that if they want to increase their downloads, they need to serve the population having substandard mobile phones.

They have developed a new concept of a lite version of the game, which will efficiently run on the phones having a 2GB Ram. The Lite version of the game is custom made for low-end smartphones which have low RAM and lower storage specifications, the lite version will only take 400MB for 2GB of RAM.

pubg mobile

For accomplishing this, PUBG Mobile Lite came up with a smaller map that accommodates 60 players unlike 100 players in the full version. This smaller gameplay reduces the total game time to a mere 20 minutes which used to be of 40 minutes in the full version.

The developers have arranged for interesting surprises for the new gamers who will join the lite version. various rewards, in the form of new gears and vehicles, are up for grabs for them.

Improved features

Some features are given a new touch following are some prominent ones.

  • Winner Pass: Winner Pass is the like to like replacement for the Royale pass, it will span over a month and have faster achievement unlocks.
  • Bullet Trail Adjustments: The users will get to experience increased bullet speed and are supposed to get relief from. bullet drop effect,
  • Weapon Recoil Suppression: The Lite version also has lower weapon recoil compared to the main game, simplifying gameplay.
  • Extended Time To Kill: The Lite in order to decrease the game time increases the Time to Kill to increase player survivability and encourage aggressive gameplay.
  • Healing while Moving
  • In the full version, the player needs to halt for some seconds to heal himself, nothing such will be there in the lite version.

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