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‘Psychics’ slammed over claims they’re channelling the ghost of Gabby Petito

Tik Tok ‘psychics’ are facing some backlash over claims they are channelling the ghost of tragic Gabby Petito.

Critics are saying that the theories are just a cheap way of making money off the back of the nation’s obsession with the case, The NY Post reported.

Gabby Petito’s remains were discovered in Wyoming on Sunday, one week after her parents reported her missing.

Authorities are currently looking for Gabby’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie. He was 23 and on a cross country trip when she disappeared in Grand Teton National Park.

A search of “medium gabby petito” on TikTok will show you dozens of results with so-called psychics claiming to be able to communicate with the dead.

Gabby's death has been ruled as a homicide
Gabby’s death has been ruled as a homicide

They also give their thoughts on the 22-year-old’s death which has since been ruled a homicide.

One clip, which has received over 850,000 views show TikTok user Kelly Ferro – known as @kellythemagicalmedium ‘channeling’ Gabby, the video was recorded on September 13 when Petito was still reported missing.

During the video, Ferro said that Gabby’s partner’s “energy does not feel like a killer” and “I do feel like he was working on himself, I do feel like he had a hot temper, but I don’t think he purposefully killed her.”

Another video with nearly one million views shows another ‘psychic’ using her “gifts” to ask her doll about the missing person case.

She asks the doll things like “Do you think that Gabby is OK?” with the medium then interpreting certain noises to mean yes or no.

Critics have accused psychics of giving unfounded insight into serious cases in order to gain millions of viewers.

A mentalist who criticises Tik Tok mediums went on a rant in his own video saying: “Using false claims to gain clout off something so tragic, all the psychics and mediums on this app should be ashamed of themselves.”

Along with oodles of clicks, mediums can reportedly make hundreds of pounds an hour by purporting to act as a liaison between people and their deceased loved ones, Insider reported.

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'Psychics' slammed over claims they're channelling the ghost of Gabby Petito
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