Priyanka Chopra’s Anger Finally Erupted, It’s About Her Marriage!!


Social media these days is full of stories, comebacks, photos and videos from celebs. For your information, let us tell you that Priyanka Chopra is spending time with her husband Nick Jonas these days. Recently, an interview with Priyanka Chopra, who is dubbed the Desi girl of Bollywood, went viral. In which the native girl has made many big revelations about her marriage to her husband Nick Jonas.

Priyanka Chopra on husband Nick Jonas, his family: 'There's a weird  responsibility to them, and safety that comes from it' | Bollywood -  Hindustan Times


In the interview, Priyanka says that after my marriage with Nick was dissolved, many people mocked me and talked different things. “I married Nick in 2018,” says PC. In this interview, she also tells the reason for marrying Nick Jonas, who is 10 years younger than her. It is noteworthy that the media has always talked about the age difference between Priyanka and Nick Jonas.


Not only this, not only is there a discussion in the media, but the memes of both often go viral on social media. A few days ago, Priyanka gave an interview to a fashion magazine and told all about her marriage to Nick. PC said, “People said so many bad things about both of us. I was shocked to hear such things.” Priyanka said that when an older boy marries a much younger girl, no one says anything. Priyanka asked the question, saying, ‘Why gender discrimination?


Priyanka Chopra wished her husband Nick Jonas on his birthday in this special way! - NewsInnovative

Nick looked very horny in the song ‘Close’: Priyanka

PC said in the interview that after listening to Nick Jonas’ song “Close,” I decided to date him. Priyanka said that Nick looked really good in this song, so I decided to make him my life partner. Two or three apart Priyanka made it clear that both Nick and I don’t mind the age difference. We don’t care what others say. Priyanka explained that there is a rule between Nick and me that neither of us can live more than two or three weeks apart.

Priyanka is going to do family planning

In the interview, Priyanka said she will be doing family planning in the coming days. Desi Girl said family is very important and I want to help my family move forward but I am waiting for the right time for it. About taking the family forward, he said, it will be something that will happen by the grace of God. Speaking of Priyanka Chopra’s work front, she was last seen in ‘The Sky Is Pink’. Priyanka has been very busy this whole year because she has a lot of big projects. An interesting project is that he also has a superhero movie titled ‘We Can Be Heroes’.


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