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Prince Charles’ spotlight ‘suppressed by Diana’ but can ‘take centre stage’ with Camilla

Despite being overshadowed in the past by Princess Diana and his two sons, Prince Charles is ‘the star of the show’ with Camilla ‘happy for him to lead’, claims a body language expert.

While the couple are regularly together in senior royal duties, Camilla will not be crowned Queen when her husband is on the throne. Camilla will be called Princess Consort as it was revealed when they were married.

Although the future Princess Consort often carries out visits with or without her husband, body language expert Judi James reckons Prince Charles will remain centre stage, reports the Express.

She said: “It very clear who is the star of the show and the prime performer. We might have forgotten about Charles’s love of stage performances but at university he often looked happiest when he was performing.

Camilla ‘happy’ for Prince Charles to take ‘centre stage’ in public, says expert
Camilla won’t become Queen when Charles is made King

“This love of the spotlight became suppressed in later years, when he was competing first with Diana and then with two far more charismatic sons, but now with Camilla he appears in some moments to be loving every minute of the public attention.

“Camilla is a body language enabler of this trait as she is always more than happy to step back and attract minimum attention.”

The expert explained that when walking together, Charles will often be a few steps ahead.

Camilla ‘happy’ for Prince Charles to take ‘centre stage’ in public, says expert
After Prince Philip’s death, Charles is now heir apparent

“When they pose close together then we can see some mirroring with the mutual hunching and hand clasps, but when Charles warms to his performance… he can do so confidently, knowing he is not about to be upstaged by the woman who is probably his greatest fan,” she continued.

“[Camilla] looks perfectly happy to have her husband take centre stage and to take her lead from him rather than raising her profile or stepping out of his shadow.”

Ms James continued that this decision by Camilla defines the “complementary relationship” between the pair, and although it may not work for everyone, it works for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess.

Camilla ‘happy’ for Prince Charles to take ‘centre stage’ in public, says expert
The couple married in April 2005, 35 years after they first met

She added that “intimate signals” are usually reserved for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions where royal fans are given a glimpse of a more openly “fond” bond.

Judi says Camilla “relaxes” and switches from her formal royal role.

Prince Charles proposed in 2005 to Camilla and presented the Duchess of Cornwall with a stunning engagement ring.

Recent research by EST1897 revealed the most costly engagement rings in the Royal Family.

According to EST1897 Camilla’s five-carat engagement ring, which once belonged to the Queen Mother, is now worth an estimated £100,000.

From the heartbreak over Prince Harry to the loss of her husband, it’s been an extraordinary year for Queen Elizabeth II. However, Her Majesty also has plenty to celebrate, such as the birth of Lilibet. OK! Magazine has created a commemorative issue to mark the Queen’s remarkable year. OK! Magazine has a collector’s edition. Get your hands on it here.

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Prince Charles' spotlight 'suppressed by Diana' but can 'take centre stage' with Camilla
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