Premiere On NBC On December 14, 2021 With Two Sneak Episodes

Phil Augusta Jackson made the big crew; an American TV sitcom. This sitcom will premiere on NBC on December 14, 2021. This will air with two sneak episodes.

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Mo Marable directed the pilot episode, while Phil Augusta Jackson wrote it.
Universal Television is one of the well-known production houses producing this series.

The two episodes are called “Pilot” and “Wine and Serendipity”. Both will be released simultaneously on December 14, 2021.

What is this series about? Should you watch it? Will it be worth your time? Read more to find out.

Grand Crew: Cast and Plot!

The show will feature Echo Kellum as Noah Koles, Justin Cunningham as Wyatt Fields, Carl Tart as Sherm Jones, Aaron Jennings as Anthony Holmes, Nicole Byer as Nicky, Grasie Mercedes as Fay. Grand crew has an all black cast.

The show revolves around the group of young black professionals navigating life and their love experiences in the city of Los Angeles. Amid the struggles of their careers and relationships, the crew always find time for each other. They often gather at their favorite bar to discuss their problems in a hilarious way.

Grand Crew: Cast and Plot!

Nova is a hopeless romantic, too eager to settle down. Nicky is a real estate go-getter who loves adventure in romance. Then Sherm is a Loki genius who analyzes dating in its terms. Anthony is a workaholic whose true love is his career. Wyatt is happy to be married and not dating anymore. And Fay recently divorced and moved to Los Angeles in search of a fresh start.

Grand Crew: Release Date and Trailer!

Grand Crew premieres December 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Watch the trailer here:

Like a good taste of wine, their friendship gets better with time.


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