Pornhub Premium Is Free For The Month To Enjoy Stay At Home- Coronavirus Lockdown

The condition of coronavirus has forced everyone to stay home. Pornhub which is an Adult Content site is pretty much aware that the world is social distancing. So, they have decided to hookup everyone with free Pornhub Premium for making quarantine a little easier.
The free subscription started on March 24, 2020. To enjoy Pornhub Premium for the next month users need to sign up at the site’s special “Stay Home” landing page.

The Vice President of Pornhub said in a press release that due to the lockdown across the world due to the coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic, the would like to help people by making it easier for them to stay home by expanding their offer of Pornhub Premium free worldwide.

Keeping aside the free Pornhub Premium, the website is also helping the people who have been hurt by the effects of coronavirus economically. In the month of April, Pornhub will give 100% of its video sales after cutting down a 15% processing fee.

Apart from this, Pornhub is donating $25,000 to the Sex Workers Outreach Project which will directly be contributed to the relief funds of COVID-19 affected people.

Pornhub is also helping out people outside of the sex industry. 15,000 surgical masks have been denoted by them for the first responders of Local 2507 other 15,000 surgical masks have been donated to Uniformed Firefighter Association Local 94 and also 15,000 masks are being donated to Mount Sinai Nassau in New York. They are also donating 50,000 euros to the European organization to purchase masks.

Joe Calderone who is Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Development at Mount Sinai said in a press release that they appreciate Pornhub to donate 20,000 masks to their organization to help the healthcare workers and patients.

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