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Pool legend Earl Strickland was branded “scum”, swore at fans and gave flowers to referee

Pool legend Eric Strickland has been no stranger to controversy throughout his chequered career.

The 60-year old was to play snooker ace Steve Davis in round 16 at the World Pool Championship in 2003.

Strickland had done a heated interview on Sky Sports before the match. He blasted his fans for disrespecting him and their booing.

Strickland began the match calmly, but soon started to get into heated arguments with fans and even referee Michaela tabb.

TV microphones caught him using foul language to one member of the crowd, then telling Tabb to “shut up” when she warned him.

Earl Strickland
Earl Strickland had a controversial match with Steve Davis at the 2003 WPA World Nine-ball Championship

While Davis took a break during the match, Strickland was left at the mercy of the vociferous crowd.

To block out Davis’ cheers, the American placed his fingers in his ears and cheered for him every time he took them out.

Strickland, who had just missed a break from Davis, was animated as play continued.

He leapt out of his chair, fists aloft, shouting to the crowd “Yeah! He dogged it!”

When Davis opted to take a second break, Strickland loudly complained that players were only entitled to a single break.

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2003 WPA World Nine-ball Championships
Strickland was branded “scum”, swore at fans during the heated match and when on to defeat Davis 11-9

He then yelled at the crowd: “He’s Steve Davis, he can do what he likes,” another reference to his belief that Davis’s status at Matchroom Sport, the organisers of the event, afforded him special treatment.

Strickland won the match 11-9. However, he continued his tirade throughout the interview. He then composed himself and apologized for his actions.

To the delight of many, Strickland entered Tabb’s arena with a bouquet of flowers. He then played the remainder of the tournament calmer and more composed.

In 2007, Strickland got into an altercation with Daryl Peach, the reigning world champion.

Tabb, again the referee, was forced to seperate the duo due to fears of violence.

Peach described Strickland as “the scum of the earth” in his post-match interview, and declined the opportunity to retract his statement when offered.

Pool legend Earl Strickland was branded "scum", swore at fans and gave flowers to referee

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Judd Trump, a snooker player, has taken up pool in recent weeks. However, Jayson Shaw (Europe’s Mosconi Cup) defeated him 11-1 at the US Open Pool Championship.

Trump’s playing in the competition for the first time and had a dream debut, winning his opening match 9-0 over Joe Magee.

He followed it up with a 9-2 win against Dhruvalkumar Ptel from India.

Shaw beat Shaw 11-5 in the third match between Shaw and Abdullah Al-Shammari of Saudi Arabia.

Strickland was a five-time winner of the event but was eliminated.

Pool legend Earl Strickland was branded "scum", swore at fans and gave flowers to referee
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