Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 Coming Back For More Ash And Pikachu Adventure


Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 will be streaming on Netflix exclusively in the US on 26 May 2022.

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Pokemon Master Journeys New Journey For Ash

Ash and Pikachu are returning to Alola Island. This time, they are coming back with Goh, introducing him to Z-Moves. This series will be the third instalment of Pokemon Master Journeys.

IItbisone of the most popular anime. And this is its 24th Season. In addition, during the Pokemon Master Journeys, fans were introduced to the character Goh and Chloe Cherise. While they git along with Ash and Pikachu to accompany them on their adventures.

Unlike other seasons, this time Ash and his friends will be travelling across all eight regions. In addition, along the way, they will certainly bump into some old friends.

Pokemon Master Journeys It’s Going “All Out, All of the Time!”

In the last season, viewers saw in Pokemon was the episode “A Midsummer Night’s Light!”. Although, fans did get to watch their reunion with Dawn in the Sinnoh Region. The girls soon get along together as friends, not knowing about their connection through Ash. In addition, they also helped out an injured Cresselia.

The boys, also have their hands full on the other hand, having to deal with a nightmare-inducing Darkrai. And how can we forget the meddling Team Rocket of course.

Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3

The Pokemon trainers are coming back snc their next stop is back into the fan favourite region of Alola Island. WWewere introduced in the 76 episodes titled “All Out, All of the Time!” The boys are all teamed up for the local Pokemon Catch Adventure Race. In addition, it will be involving catching a particular nomination of Pokemon along three stages of the race.

The Story Plot For The Series

Ash and Gon will be competing against the All-Out Brothers. In addition, the first capture of an Alolan Geodude before Goh experiences his first Z-Move. Naturally, Team Rocket cannot stop themselves from interfering, but this time it will be the All-Out Brothers who will unexpectedly save the day. With only two teams remaining, Ash and Goh have no choice but to race the brothers to the finish line. In addition, with their hopes of claiming the title, giving them enough malasadas along the way to last a year.

Although, fans are quite disappointed with the fact that, we won’t get to see more of the Alola Region. As it appears that Ash and Goh may not stay there for long, as they will be heading out to the World Coronation Series battle. Where they will be competing against Volkner, Sinnoh’s top Gym Leader. Like Ash, Volkner can also be considered in the Ultra Class.  However, his specific affinity is for the Electric-type Pokemon. Guess! Volkner’s defeat won’t be easily assured to come easy for the Pokemon trainer.

Although one thing is for sure it will be interesting to see another Pikachu-Raichu match-up. Anyway, the main highlight appears to be Lucario vs Luxray battle. Although, the main question is who will be victorious? Luckily, the next addition, “Excitement From the Ultra-Shocking Start!” is expected to release on the same day as episode 76.


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