Plastic Surgeon Frank Buddy McCutcheon Cause of Death? Dateline Story Killer Name Images


Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon of Asheville’s murder case was one of the most shattering and talked about murder cases of the year 2016. Dr. Frank’s murder case shocked and shattered everyone. The murder case is again in the buzzes and stirring up a lot of buzzes on social media, once again everyone is talking about this heart-wrenching murder case. Do you know why? Because Dr. Frank’s murder case story was telecasted on NBC’s popular crime show Dateline on Friday 13 May 2022.

Frank Buddy McCutcheon

This episode of Dr. Frank has created a lot of buzzes on social media, and the internet even before the telecast. According to the reports, since the channel released information about showing the story of Dr. Frank on the dateline, since then people were eager to watch that episode. Netizens created a massive buzz on social media regarding this. Dr. Frank’s murder case on the dateline show has made its way to the trending charts on social media platforms. This deadly murder case of Dr. Frank has again become the topic of discussion among the people on the internet and on social media. Everyone is tweeting about this case on Twitter. Many people are posting about this case on Instagram and Facebook too.

The Dateline episode of Dr. Frank’s case will portray the narrative of his brutal murder, which was reported by Keith Morrison. The episode telecasted the interviews with Dr. Frank’s family, the police officers who investigated this case, the prosecutor, and all the people who were related to him. All these people spoke about him and his personality and all things they witnessed during the investigation of this case.

Dr. Frank McCutcheon was a very popular plastic and cosmetic surgeon from Asheville. Although Frank was a native of Arkansas, all his close friends and family member called him Buddy lovingly. Frank studied medicine at the University of Arkansas in the year 1978. He later moved to North Carolina for making his career. Frank was found dead in his Ardern home on treetop drive in the early hours of 16 July 2016. Frank’s wife Brenda Parker McCutcheon was charged with his murder and was sentenced to life in prison in the year 2018. Although this was shocking too for all the people because Frank and Brenda were married to each other for a very long time.


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