PlagiarismCheck: Turnitin Alternative You Can Rely On

Every instructor these days knows about the plagiarism checker named Turnitin. It has a reputation for being one of the best tools on the market, especially for colleges and universities. However, individual users can’t purchase a license to use this software, so they look for websites similar to Turnitin. Luckily, there’s more than one alternative you can try for free and then purchase the full version to check each paper before uploading it to Google Classroom or Canvas. Our analysis has shown that is among the best Turnitin alternatives currently available.

What made Turnitin so popular

If you want to find a plagiarism checker similar to Turnitin, you should first understand why this tool has overtaken the market for educational institutions. Let’s check out the main advantages of this website.

  • Developing database. Aside from an advanced phrase recognition system, Turnitin has the function that allows this site to “remember” the texts it checks and use that information to make each future analysis better. However, it’s a disadvantage too because all the texts you check will automatically become the property of that site. In other words, the more this software works, the more it “learns.” Surely, that’s an ingenious system that has few alternatives.
  • Convenient interface. An advanced anti-plagiarism tool can’t be completely free, but it certainly shows where your money goes. Turnitin invests in accessibility, making similarity reports and grading interfaces understandable and easy to use. That’s another thing that makes finding software similar to Turnitin a complex task.
  • The stimulus for students. Many learners feel that constant plagiarism checks put them under additional pressure, but that’s a good thing. Scientists haven’t created an app that writes original and innovative texts yet, so people must do that, learning to develop their unique ideas and voices in the process. However, every student wants to be sure about their grade, so they look for plagiarism checkers that can meet their requirements.

Unfortunately, Turnitin has certain disadvantages, one of which is its speed. Instructors can only check a limited quantity of documents per day, which isn’t very convenient. Essentially, the site functions as an add-on that lets each professor instantly filter essays and reports, ensuring that only original texts make it to the next stage, which is grading. After all, plagiarism checkers should shield higher education institutions from intellectual theft, but Turnitin can make your checking procedure slower.

PlagiarismCheck is a reliable Turnitin alternative

Turnitin is excellent, but it’s still created primarily for teachers. That’s why students often strive to find a plagiarism checker that will help them interact with grading systems more effectively. Here are the necessary elements of such a tool that will help you stay confident while uploading your essays to Moodle, Canvas, or any other learning management system. PlagiarismCheck also offers a citation generator, Google Docs add-on, and a grammar/spelling correction that are most useful for any student. 

Firstly, your Turnitin alternative plagiarism checker by should have the subscription developed specifically for students. Plagiarism Check focuses on creating plans that protect students from accidental plagiarism and the low grades it might bring, so all you have to do is find a suitable option on this site. 

Secondly, it’s better to use an online plagiarism checker that doesn’t “keep” your works after scanning them. You never know who might access that data and use it for unknown purposes. This approach will help you protect your intellectual property and never worry about someone selling it to sites like CourseHero. One of the websites that takes good care of that is

Third, look for a tool that won’t highlight every quote and reference as plagiarism. Academic style can’t exist without the integration of previous scientific discoveries, so a proper citation should be enough to exclude such materials from your similarity index. Pay attention to this feature while testing Plagiarism Check, which offers you one free page to show the capacities of the site.

Last but not least, look at how well the algorithm works. Advanced anti-plagiarism tools don’t highlight each widely used phrase like “for example.” Instead, they focus on stylistic patterns and minimize false positives that only waste your time. Try to avoid the websites that can’t seem to get it right, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the high-level alternative you will eventually discover.

Tips on using any plagiarism check tool effectively

Whichever plagiarism checker Turnitin alternative you’ve chosen, it’s essential to get the most out of this software. Let’s see what students can do to make their experience as good as possible.

  • Use all free testing options. Many anti-plagiarism websites offer new customers a free plagiarism check that demonstrates what they’ll get in the specific package. It’s really useful to avail yourself of such promotions because they show whether the site tells you the truth about its functions.
  • Plan your expenses for at least two months. While choosing the most convenient subscription plan, look at how many words you’ll be able to check instead of just relying on the number of pages. Most trustworthy websites specify such details, allowing you to calculate whether you’ll be able to use the same plan for longer than four weeks. For instance, one page at equals 275 words. Easy and simple.
  • Analyze additional features. These should be meaningful and really improve the accuracy of each check rather than offer something irrelevant, like a hypothetical extension you can only use on mac, gaining nothing but additional fees. A good example is anti-cheating used by Plagiarism Check that reveals hidden symbols and never lets anything suspicious go unnoticed.
  • Leave a review. Whether you like or dislike the Turnitin alternative you’ve selected, it’s very important to let other students know about your experience. That way, you’ll help popularize reliable checkers among learners. The sites like TrustPilot can come in handy here, giving you the opportunity to make your voice heard and find out what others think of PlagiarismCheck and other top Turnitin alternatives.

Bottom line: You can easily replace Turnitin

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to understand which plagiarism checker is similar to Turnitin. It’s really important to use the programs created for students, set clear goals, and know about the mechanisms of detecting the fragments similar to other texts. Of course, safety comes first, so it’s wise to choose the online tools that never save the materials uploaded there, such as Plagiarism Check.

Advanced plagiarism checkers aren’t necessarily popular, but there are specific criteria that can help you determine whether a site is reliable or not. Remember to steer clear of the resources that highlight widely used phrases or fail to recognize properly cited materials. As long as you keep your standards high, you’re sure to find an excellent Turnitin alternative.

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