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Piers Morgan inundated with backlash after slamming Daniel Craig’s red carpet look

Piers Morgan has taken a savage swipe at Daniel Craig’s suede pink jacket that he wore to the premiere of his new James Bond film No Time To Die, but fans are not happy with his remarks.

The Hollywood star donned the colorful jacket and bow tie on Tuesday evening as he walked up to the red carpet.

But former GMB presenter Piers didn’t seem to like it one bit and compared his look to “an Austin Powers tribute act.”

Taking to Twitter, Piers, 56, posted a picture of Daniel, 53, on the red carpet to his 8million Twitter followers and penned: “O dear O (7) dear.

Piers wasn't feeling Daniel's jacket
Piers wasn’t feeling Daniel’s jacket

“James Bond would never wear a garish pink suede dinner jacket. You’re supposed to be a steely-eyed assassin with exemplary sartorial taste, Mr Craig…. not an Austin Powers tribute act.”

He then followed the tweet with a thumbs down emoji.

Piers’ harsh comments were met with backlash from fans. Many expressed dismay at his remarks.

One fan penned: “That’s Daniel Craig out of character. Not everybody shows up to stuff in character like Kane on the Weakest Link.”

Piers received backlash from fans
Piers received backlash from fans

Another said: “For a man who tells people not to be offended so easily, you really are offended quite easily.”

A third chimed in and commented: “Um, FYI, Mr Craig isn’t actually an steely-eyed assassin with exemplary sartorial taste. He’s an actor.”

While a fourth commented: “You wrote a WHOLE book on people being ‘woke’ and offended by things and here you are outraged by what Daniel Craig wears. The irony.”

Fans recently questioned Piers' James Bond comment
Fans recently questioned Piers’ James Bond comment

Last week, Piers responded to the claims that he’ll be stepping in to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond – and he’s rather pleased with the “result”.

When Piers suggested that he would take over the iconic role, the outspoken host sent the internet into hyperdrive.

Piers, who took a picture of the Burlington Arcade in London with a giant ‘007’ sign outside it, teased that Piers would be next James Bond. This photo was taken within hours.

The star has expressed his delight with the media frenzy since then.

Attaching an image from a newspaper article, the star took to social media to write: “Start a rumour, get a result.”

Piers Morgan inundated with backlash after slamming Daniel Craig's red carpet look
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