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Piers Morgan fumes at prospect of female Bond as he slams ‘woke warriors’

Piers Morgan has once again lashed out at so-called ‘woke warriors’ – and this time his tantrum occurred over the prospect of a female 007.

With latest Bond flick No Time To Die hitting cinemas this week, Piers has had plenty to say on the topic, and now has lashed out at Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer over his opinions on the franchise.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain about his favourite ever Bond, Starmer said: “I don’t have a favourite Bond, but I do think it’s time for a female bond.”

And Piers chose to address his opinion in his latest MailOnline column, insisting that “with a chilling inevitability, the wokies have now come for 007.”

Piers referred to Bond as “about the last real man standing in Hollywood” – and, according to him, that seems to entail “womanising”, “testosterone-fuelled” and “steely-eyed”.

Piers wasn’t happy with the idea of a female Bond

He further riled readers by claiming that most “real” men want to be like the spy, while “most (real) women have yearned to bed him”.

Piers added that it’s now a “nailed-down guarantee” that the so-called “woke brigade” want to ruin everything – which includes the Bond franchise.

And the controversial broadcaster didn’t stop at his column, as he also responded to the news on Twitter that Starmer had called for a female Bond with a row of angry-faced emojis.

Piers fumed at the so-called ‘woke brigade’

It comes shortly after he lashed out at Daniel Craig – someone he lauded in his column as “exuding” the “testosterone-fuelled charm” required to keep people coming back to the films – for wearing a “garish pink” dinner jacket on the red carpet.

The Bond star had attended the London film premiere for No Time To Die in a suede double-breasted jacket and bow tie, matched with dark trousers and shoes.

Lashing out on Twitter, Piers wrote: “O dear O (7) dear. James Bond would never wear a garish pink suede dinner jacket.

He also hit out at Daniel Craig’s red carpet look

“You’re supposed to be a steely-eyed assassin with exemplary sartorial taste, Mr Craig… not an Austin Powers tribute act.”

Social media users instantly flocked to the replies section in response to the post, with the official Specsavers account wryly pointing out: “Have you heard of acting?”

Another user proudly pointed out that many of the other Bond actors had “dared” to wear pink, while another said: “Bond literally wears a terrycloth roper in Goldfinger but go off!”

“For a man who tells people not to be offended so easily, you really are offended quite easily!” someone else chirped.

Piers Morgan fumes at prospect of female Bond as he slams 'woke warriors'
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