Phase 3 Top MCU Villains Ranked!!


MCU Phase 2 has been criticized for underdeveloped villains. Characters like Aldrich Killian, Ultron and Malekith didn’t even reach their potential as antagonists. In turn, they are both considered weak opponents. Some examples of well-rounded rivals are Loki and The Winter Soldier.

Introducing Phase 3, Marvel’s president Kevin Feige took these tips to heart and stepped up his villain-creation game. He gave us the most iconic ones now considered classic Marvel antagonists. Here are our top picks for Phase 3’s best MCU villains.


Best MCU Villains From Phase 3, Ranked

Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture is the best father figure for Peter Parker compared to Tony Stark. Both have the same social status and Toomes is more of a family man than Stark. This is, of course, before Morgan Stark comes in.

Nevertheless, the Vulture makes it more believable that he is a villain with a clear purpose. He sells alien weapons to support his family. There is so much conflict between them, knowing that he is also the father of Parker’s ex-girlfriend.


Mysterio MCU Villains

Among the characters of MCU, Quentin Beck of Mysterio has the most interesting villain story. The twist really made us believe he was a good guy under all that nice attitude. It turns out he’s just another embittered ex-Stark co-worker out to get revenge.

When he finally revealed his true intentions and became an all-out villain, Mysterio displays his grand illusion tricks that Spider-Man took as a tough challenge. Anyway, Spidey has his Spider-Sense or the “Peter Tingle” as we call it.


Mysterio MCU Villains

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Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, has done an amazing job of providing Black Panther’s main opponent. He has a personal connection with T’Challa as his cousin. This relationship brought a more complicated conflict between the two when Killmonger returned to claim the throne.

Not only did he want to seize the throne for personal gain, but he had dubious reasons. He wanted to avenge the colonization of his people and only through this can he obtain Wakanda’s resources to overthrow the government.



Odin’s daughter turns out to be more sadistic and aggressive than her brothers. Cate Blanchett’s performance as Hela definitely stole the spotlight. She made this character her own and gave it a reputation as one of Marvel’s (even Disney’s) most villainous villains.

Her introductory scene in the film showed all her great abilities by catching Mjolnir in one hand and pulverizing it like a grain of salt. No one could do such a thing in the entire history of MCU.


Thanos MCU Villains

What makes Thanos the most terrifying villain of all than the fact that he can literally wipe out half of humanity in an instant? It’s a lot scarier than all these villains put together.

Josh Brolin portrayed Thanos as a narrow-minded villain who believes he is the hope of the universe. If an adversary thinks this way, it’s all over for us.


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