Peaky Blinders:Top Deaths Ranked.


Death is one of the main themes in the BBC hit show Peaky Blinders. It’s what makes the story appealing and disturbing at the same time. The characters revolve around fighting death as every now and then someone dies without any notice.

Since the subject revolves around death, the show has had a number of deceased characters, both protagonists and villains. Some had it hard, while others had it so fast. Whether these characters are good or bad, they all bite the dust and it caused a seismic effect on those who still have them. Here’s a ranked list of the top deaths in Peaky Blinders:

Billy Kimber

Peaky Blinders: Top 5 Deaths, Ranked

Kimber is one of the first antagonists in the series. He has caused the Shelby clan so much trouble and his death has been called the most satisfying and good transition phase. Tommy Shelby pulled the trigger and ended Kimber’s life.

This particular scene significantly established the Shelby Company Limited’s position in the mafia world. It portrayed Tommy’s ability to run his business and protect his people. This is definitely one of the best death scenes on the show.

Luca Changretta

Luca Changretta Peaky Blinders

Changretta is the main antagonist in the fourth season. He is an Italian-American mobster from New York. Since his father’s death, he now runs the family business and is now at war with the Shelby clan. His main purpose for a visit to Birmingham is personal vendetta.

Finally, Luca Changretta gets what he deserves – an event everyone has been looking forward to. Arthur Shelby beat him up and shot him in the head, ending the rivalry between their families.

Bonnie Gold

Bonnie Gold Peaky Blinders

One of the most disturbing deaths on the show, Bonnie Gold’s involvement with the Shelby family, cost him his career and his own precious life. When the infamous Billy Boys found him and his father, Aberama Gold, they beat Bonnie to death and crucified him. That scene was heartbreaking and so hard to watch.

The scene will make you question the morality of the characters in the show. It became the fuel for Aberama to take revenge on the man who killed his son. Unfortunately, he was stabbed to death before he even took revenge.

John Shelby

John Shelby Peaky Blinders

Nobody expected that one of the Shelby brothers would not make it to the end of the series. John’s death caused so much pain, both for the Shelby family and for the public. Of all the brothers, he is the most loyal and reliable. However cruel or dangerous his duties may be, he delivers flawlessly. John’s death seemed so useless and in vain right now.

Grace Shelby

Grace Shelby

She started out as a villain’s accomplice, but things turned around after she and Tommy fell in love. Her presence on the show gave a deeper meaning to what it’s like to fight for love in the midst of war. Her story is arguably the most heartbreaking arc.


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