‘Peaky Blinders’: How can you watch season 6 online for free?


So far, Peaky Blinders has collected five seasons, with the sixth and final season being just around the corner. The Shelby family is awaiting the continuation of their story. The show has become a cult classic, inspiring the Peaky Blinders haircut, Halloween costumes, and won an impressive collection of awards. In addition, the show has been established as one of the greatest gangster TV shows of all time. 

For those of us who are new to the series, the show centers around a group of gangsters in the early 1900s from Birmingham. Governed by assertive Thomas Shelby, the gang, mainly composed of their family, challenges the city, creating power & money through their largely illegal business ventures. 

When considering where to watch Peaky Blinders online for free, season 6 is expected to arrive in early 2022, giving fans a couple of months to play catch up on the preceding thirty episodes, all of which are available online for free!

How to watch Peaky Blinders online for free in the U.K.

Watching Peaky Blinders online is relatively easy for anyone living in the United Kingdom. It’s free to watch on BBC iPlayer. You’ll be able to view all five of the current seasons online at your leisure. BBC iPlayer is entirely free of charge to use as long as you own a TV license. Feel free to see Peaky Blinders on any smart device or via your browser with apps available on phones, TVs, tablets, game consoles, and streaming sticks. 

No official release date is set for Peaky Blinders season 6, but it will begin in early 2022. All previous seasons have premiered on BBC One; fans can presume they will see the show there. 

Are you looking to watch Peaky Blinders online free of charge but find yourself outside of the country? You could still make use of BBC’s free coverage from anywhere on the planet (everywhere there’s civilization) via a VPN. 

‘Peaky Blinders’: How can you watch season 6 online for free?

How to watch Peaky Blinders online for free outside your country

You’ll more than likely stumble upon some geo-restrictions that’ll block your binge-watching in other regions of the world. They won’t allow you access to your usual streaming service. But there is an easy way around that problem through the utilization of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). They offer us a relatively simple solution. 

The virtual private network changes your IP address to make it look like you’re located someplace else. Although, on the one hand, a VPN can be used for privacy, you could also use it to give yourself access to your preferred streaming platform back home, even when and if you’re ever out of the U.S. or U.K. 

‘Peaky Blinders’: How can you watch season 6 online for free?


Hundreds of virtual private networks are available, but you’ll probably favor ExpressVPN. It’s quick to connect to, you’ll use it with absolute ease, and it’s heavily secure. ExpressVPN is also compatible with numerous devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android software. 

ExpressVPN stands out from its competitors’ flexible thirty-day money-back guarantee. Plus, if you sign up for an annual subscription, you’ll obtain a $49 discount and three extra months for free. As a result, TV addicts see it as a brilliant opportunity they’ll never miss. 

‘Peaky Blinders’: How can you watch season 6 online for free?

Download and install the VPN. Next, connect to your appropriate server location. Launch the VPN app, click on “choose a location,” and choose the right place (e.g., the U.K. for iPlayer). Then, go to your chosen broadcaster’s live stream. 

Peaky Blinders fans in the U.S. can watch all five seasons on Netflix. 


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