Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab Total Closing Collections, Post COVID Movie Miracle

The megastar of the south, also known as the Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, was, as always expected, mind-blowingly successful in delivering yet another massive hit. Vakeel Saab kept getting postponed since last year and thus had the fans gripping their seats in anticipation, but they were patient enough.

As far as of now, the movie has crossed 68 crores, an impressively decent figure for a film releasing post-COVID that too in just three weeks. The collection is a grossed-up figure of two states, and the estimates are also not exact; they are near the formations.

A Post COVID Movie Miracle:

It looks like the wait was worth it since the movie Vakeel Saab has received a fantastic response and is being loved by the audience. The film was released on 9 April, when the COVID cases were not as rampant as they have been now.

Due to a spike in COVID cases, there has been a substantial decline in the occupancy rates of the theatres. But the movie managed to earn impressively well in the short duration of its theatrical slot. The moviemakers and Pawan have been genuinely happy with the response.

vakeel saab

Expectations Realised:

It has been three weeks since the release, and the whole crew, including the superstar and the female leads, Anjali and Nivetha Thomas, were all over the moon as the people all around couldn’t stop gushing about the movie.

The screenplay got much more recognition for its authenticity and execution as well. The movie has been continuously breaking records over and over again. It is considered one of Pawan Kalyan’s career milestones as it is a substantial commercial success.

The movie has been directed by Venu Sriram and produced by Dil Raju. The much-loved and successful duo of Pawan Kalyan and Dil Raju is venturing on their next project and will be back with a bang soon.