Pawan Kalyan Vakeel Saab is postponed to July due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Vakeel Saab features the talented Pawan Kalyan has been scheduled for a release on the 15th of May 2020. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the country, the production of the film is halted. By the looks of it, the makers of the film have halted the production as well as the post-production of the film.

Indian Government has banned shooting in India

The recent reports are suggesting that the government of India has instilled a moratorium on the shooting for another couple of weeks as the positive cases of Corona are increasing in India rapidly.

vakeel saab

In the meantime, Dil Raju, the producer of Vakeel Saab has already begun to search for other dates to release the film. The sources close to the film and the cast & crew suggest that the July or August are taken into consideration to releasing the film and they are being considered seriously.

The remake of Pink is in huge peril

Vakeel Saab is the remake of the blockbuster Hindi language film, Pink. Pawan Kalyan portrays the role of the lawyer. In addition to this, Venu Sriram helms the role of the director of the film whereas S. Thaman has lent his music prowess as the scorer.

A song from the film has already released across the country and it is a massive hit. The teaser of the film is all set to release once the makers finalize the new release date of the film.

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