Panic Season 2: Cast, Release Date, Synopsis and Plot

Panic season 1 was a YA series that didn’t disappoint the viewers on Amazon Prime Video. By its looks, Amazon will soon bring the second season of Panic. This article comprises the details about the forthcoming second season.

Panic on Prime is based on a novel written by Lauren Oliver. In the book, the teenagers face their ultimate fears. The book’s plot is that these teenagers compete to win a life-altering amount of money. Many teenagers, including Heather, get into this game as she needs money.

Panic Season 2

Panic: So far in the first season

The first season has successfully wrapped up the primary storyline. However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be a second season. Fans of Panic are still waiting for Amazon to either cancel or renew the series; however, fans are hopeful for the return of Panic for a second run.

Panic Season 2: Release Date

Officially there hasn’t been a confirmation regarding the release date of Panic season 2. Most series that premiere or feature on Prime Video generally takes 14-18 months for their release.

Panic Season 2

Due to the ongoing pandemic, several problems related to the filming of Panic Season 2 have come into being. So, even if Amazon decides to renew the show, it will take a lot of time for the series to release on Amazon Prime. There is a highly likely chance that Panic Season 2 would release sometime in early fall 2022.

Panic Season 2: Trailer

The makers and the streaming service are yet to release an official trailer for the series. As the series hasn’t been renewed, there aren’t any official trailer of the forthcoming season available on the internet.

Panic Season 2

Panic Season 2: Cast

The first season’s main cast, such as Mike Faist, Olivia Welch, Ray Nicholson, Jessica Sula, Enrique Murciano, and Camron Jones, are most likely to return.

Panic Season 2: Synopsis

One of the most likely things that could happen with the series is if the second season covers an anthology. Focusing on another group of graduates from high school might make the second season interesting to watch.