Pakistan among the states with highest ratio of AIDS victims

AIDS was discovered years back still it is widespread in the mob at large. Most of the developed countries have managed to curb it at large by spreading awareness about it. But still, some developing countries where literacy level is not that good, new victims to AIDS can be spotted every now and then.

Pakistan was listed in the list of 11 countries by the United Nations having the most number of victims of this disease. The country has 13 % victims and the numbers grew exponentially as compared to the previous years, and if immediate action is not taken the condition is going to degrade further.

Pakistan among the states with highest ratio of AIDS victims

There is no stopping to this disease there as per the latest reports, as many as 700 people have been tested HIV positive in two cities of Sindh province – Ratodero and Larkana, with at least an alarming number of 576 children being affected.

The ratio of AIDS victims in Pakistan has grown up to a whopping 13% this year. The United Nations has plans to eradicate this disease from the entire world by 2030 put Pakistan doesn’t seem to help to the cause, it has different plans, there were 8 infected people among 1000 in 2010 this number grew to 13 per 1000 person this year.


The number of people living with HIV in the country stood at 160,000 last year. The number was 120,000 in 2015 and 67,000 in 2010.

And as per the current situation, the condition is nowhere near to show positive signs, only 18% of children infected with this disease are receiving proper treatment and the condition of women is even worse only 9% women are aware of their condition and are given appropriate treatment.

The United Nations has given strict instructions to the Pakistan health ministry to take appropriate steps to improve the situation with immediate effect.

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