Pailwaan / Pehlwan Collection Day 11 and Day 12 – Bailwaan Day 12 Box-Office Collections – Kichcha Sudeeep

By the looks of it, Pailwaan starring Kichcha Sudeep is doing great concerning box-office collection even during the weekdays. On Tuesday and Monday, the film did collect around ₹12 Crores in several combined languages. The film is doing great in the box-office due to the positive acclamation from both critics and audience.

Nevertheless, it is important to point out that Pailwaan’s Kannada version is leading in terms of the collections. On the other hand, in other leading film industries, the film did collect around ₹1.5 to ₹2 Crores approximately. The fans of the film can check out the box-office collections’ figure below.

Pailwaan/Pehlwaan 12th Day box-office collection

Worldwide box-office collection of Pailwaan in the 12th Way- All Languages

Malayalam & Tamil: The Tamil and Malayalam version of the film has a unified box-office collection of ₹0.4 Crores.

Hindi: Pailwaan’s Hindi version did gross around ₹0.5 Crores in the box-office.

Telugu: Across the Telugu States, the film is lagging behind tremendously. The film only garnered ₹0.3 Crores on the 12th Day.

Kannada: On Tuesday, the estimation suggests that Pailwaan would collect around ₹5 Crores from the Kannada speaking place. By the looks of it, the collection is higher than the entire collection of the 1st day.

Pailwaan Collections

Week-Wise Box-Office Collections of Pailwaan (Gross)

The first 4 days or the 1st week the Worldwide Box-office collections: ₹64.00 Crores.

Worldwide Box-office collection in the 2nd week: ₹50.20 Crores

In the first couple of weeks, the film did collect around ₹114.2 Crores.

Box Office Collection of Pailwaan in the fourth week (Gross)

11th Day Box-office collections: ₹ 6.4 Crores

12th Day Box-office collections: ₹ 6.2 Crores

**It is important to know that this is early estimation and the data comes from several sources. It is not a guarantee that the data is accurate.

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