Outlander Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Story and things you need to know

Why settle for one when you can get two. The makers of Outlander have announced the sixth season when the fifth season is already in the queue to get on the air, we have received the news about the sixth season. Season 5 of this premium American show is under production since October 2018. However it is taking more than expected to complete, and we won’t be able to view it this year for sure.

The season 5 and season 6 both will contain 12 episodes each just like the previous ones did. The makers admitted that it was an uphill task to confine the story of an entire book In 12 episodes. They had to make some tough calls regarding which part they need to focus primarily on.

Outlander Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Story and things you need to know

The plot of season 5 and 6:

The Fiery Cross is the book which is the base for the upcoming seasons. Jamie and Claire are the lead cast of the show and in the upcoming seasons also they can be seen playing some crucial roles. This season things will take a new leap in the New World for Claire, Jamie, and Bree.

The plot for the fifth season deals with Jamie Fraser’s constant tries to protect his family, to construct a community on Fraser’s Ridge, and maintaining a hard-fought battle between keeping pace with the government still managing to be on rebellious ways. His wife always held his back in his attempts. The crux of the story lies in loyalty, and while proving their loyalty people discover their true self.

The expected release date for season 5

The fact that season 5 is in underproduction doesn’t account for its release this year, it is expected to be aired in 2020 most probably February. However nothing is official about the release date, we are speculating based on the rumors.

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